Considering big data practices, Hadoop-based methodologies were among the first to be extensively acknowledged and widely incorporated, but Hadoop is just a part of next-generation big data solutions. Developing technologies definitely provide a wide array of proficiencies that include distributed file storage, NoSQL databases, data stHadoop Certificationream transport and stream processing, search, SQL-on-big-data, machine learning, and much more.

The potential benefit of big data methodologies already is pretty clear—they have been providing real value at this moment. To understand how Hadoop and other big data expertise are worth, it’s always prudent to glean through real-world experiences that take us beyond the abstract information

Let’s have quick run-through how Hadoop certification can help you make your dreams come true:

Career Perspective with Hadoop:

As per the Forbes, roughly 90% of worldwide organizations anticipated to do medium to high levels of investment in big data analytics, and approximately a third call their investments “very substantial.” Most significantly, about two-thirds of respondents estimate that big data and analytics inventiveness have had a noteworthy and quantifiable influence on revenues.

Hadoop expertise is in demand – this is an incontestable fact. Therefore, there is a pressing requirement for IT experts to keep themselves abreast with Hadoop and Big Data skills. Apache Hadoop certification offers you with ways to take your career to new heights with the following benefits:

  1. Augmented career proliferation.

  2. Improved pay package, thanks to Hadoop proficiency.

More Job Prospects with Apache Hadoop certification:

Evaluating the recent Big Data market estimates, it can be deduced that in coming years more promising and the upward trend will be witnessed. Henceforth, the job learning curve or Market is not something transitory as Big Data and its related technologies are here to stay for long. Hadoop has the potential to expand job projections whether you are a fresher or a veteran expert.

As per another research conducted by Avendus Capital, it has been revealed that the IT market for big data in India was soaring around $1.15 billion in the year 2015. This contributed to nearly one-fifth of India’s KPO market that values around $5.6 billion. Furthermore, The Hindu forecasts that by end of 2018, India alone will face a dearth of near enough two lakh of Data Scientists. This presents a fantastic career and growth openings in coming years.

The major skill gap in Big Data can be spanned only and only through wide-ranging knowledge of Apache Hadoop certification that empowers experts and fresher equally, to add the valued Big Data expertise to their resume.

Search for companies that are mainly looking for candidates with Hadoop expertise:

It goes without saying that you should look out for information on the number of existing Hadoop experts on LinkedIn. It is undoubtedly the right place to look for self-assurance. As per the estimates, close to 80% of the Fortune 500 companies will adopt Hadoop technology. Some of the leading companies that are hiring Hadoop professionals are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, AOL, eBay, Adobe and many more

In the bottom line:

There is no rocket science that a career in Hadoop is very recompensing. Do want to have a rewarding career in Hadoop? Click below to leap start your career and enroll for Hadoop certification now.