The cardigan is an essential item to have in your closet. It’s not as thick as a coat, but it can help keep you warm on chilly fall and winter days. A simple black or gray cardigan goes well with almost any kind of outfit whether it’s a dress that you’re wearing to a special event or jeans that you wear to run errands. There are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to layering the cardigan so that you look like a professional.

Cardigan Craziness: 4 Tips For Layering Like A Pro

Buttons Don’t Need To Be Buttoned

One of the things that people seem to think that they have to do is to button the cardigan all the way up to the top. Depending on what you’re wearing, the article of clothing often looks best if it’s left completely unbuttoned. This will give others a way to see the outfit that you have on underneath, and it’ll make it easy to remove the cardigan when you get too warm.

The Right Length

While you’re in the dressing room of the store trying on a cardigan, you want to make sure that the length is right for the clothes that you’re going to wear. There are mirrors of various lengths, which can give you an idea as to how you look with the clothing on before you leave the store. A longer cardigan, like this red one from Simple Addiction, often works well with jeans while shorter ones go well with skirts and dresses.

The Inner Layer Of Clothing

Make sure that the clothes that you wear under the cardigan fit well to the body instead of being baggy. This will just give the appearance that you have a trash bag on instead of clothes. The cardigan will likely be a little loose and is designed to fit that way, so if it’s tight, you might want to get a bigger size. If you feel awkward about wearing the cardigan, consider wearing a belt when it’s buttoned all the way.

Mix Textures

Most cardigans are made of soft materials. You can blend materials together when it comes to wearing the cardigan, such as flannel to give the softest feeling possible or a blue jean material to give a stiffer feeling. At times, materials that are of the same texture can give a bulky look.

Whether you’re going to work or staying at home, the cardigan is an item that will make you feel comfortable. Try a few combinations until you get the look that you want. Make sure you try on the cardigan over clothing while in the store to see how it will fit before going home and finding out that it’s not what you want.