I had a call from a client today who was asking about the benefit of utilising an exact match domain of their main keyphrase which they had the opportunity to purchase! Now we aren’t talking a localised it low volume keyphrase here but a considerably high volume national keyphrase. The question which I was asked was, ‘if we buy the domain, will it benefit us?’

Of course; there’s no straight answer on this but if I’ve been asked the question; there’s bound to be others who also want the answers!

What has to be remembered here is that the client in question is a brand! They’re not just a company with a domain name; they’re a brand within their industry. As such; I was a little shocked to initially hear their suggested desire to move they site onto this exact match domain name. Now, don’t get me wrong, exact match domain names have always and continue to work well for some businesses; however I would never suggest that a brand trades their branded domain name for an EMD. At the end of the day; they were simply asking the question and hopefully I will be able to answer that with my opinions for more than just them!

Anyway; back to the original question which was whether or not purchasing this domain would benefit them as a company. The short answer to this is ‘it depends how it is used,’ and, as such; lets take a look at the potential options available for using the domain:

  • 301 redirect the EMD to the main brand site
  • Move the main site onto the EMD and 301 the brand domain over
  • Put a new site on the EMD in addition to the main site

I’ve already ruled out moving the site onto the EMD above; for the simple fact that absolutely nothing can take away brand influence if a strong brand has been built up. Why anyone would want to sacrifice a strong brand presence for an EMD I’m not sure; even given the potential benefits. A strong brand is a valuable asset and, as such, that needs to be help onto at any cost.

That leaves two options; to 301 the EMD to the main site or launch a brand new site on the EMD.

Unless the EMD was previously that of a big brand which is likely to receive considerable levels of type in direct traffic; 301 redirecting the EMD to the main site is likely to have very little impact at all. Google cannot index a domain which simply redirects purely because of the fact that no site exists on that domain. That leaves, then, the option of launching a brand new site on the EMD.

As is always the case, buying an EMD can be a tough decision to make, especially when they’re often offered for sale at a small fortune, however in the right circumstance, it makes sense to utilise them with a fresh site, however if they’re being purchased simply to use as a forward to your existing site, it’s rarely of any significant benefit!

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