How Much Do You Pay For iPhone Insurance Cover?

Do you know that the high street providers are charging around $15 every month for the iPhone insurance cover? Unfortunately, there are many people who are actually spending $15 and sometimes more for the iPhone insurance cover. Therefore, it’s time for a quick iPhone insurance cover review so that you know how much you should exactly pay for iPhone insurance cover.

Have you ever lost your iPhone while you were shopping with your friend in a mall? Obviously, more than 90% of consumers must have either lose their iPhone at some point of time or it has been damaged accidentally. Probably, you dropped your iPhone in the floor while you were climbing the stairs. You must have got a panic attack. Right? Neither you can access your contact list nor enjoy the music tracks of Madonna!

Calculate How Much You Should Exactly Pay For The Best iPhone Insurance Cover

Important Facts You Should Know About iPhone Insurance Cover

For all the iPhone lovers, it’s absolutely impossible to imagine your life without your iPhone. The worst part is that you have not chosen any insurance cover from Protect Your Bubble which means that you either have to live without your iPhone or have to buy it again. So, what would you do in such a scenario? Let me tell you some of the most essential aspects about iPhone insurance cover so that you choose the best deal.

iPhone Insurance Review: How You Can Save Money?

Look For Independent Insurance Firms

There are so many various independent insurance companies which are selling iPhone insurance cover at a budget friendly price. The good thing is that they can also offer a discount up to 50%on the insurance cover. Just take your time to find the top insurance companies in your area. It’s really a very easy task, and this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to find a great iPhone insurance deal.

Before choosing the iPhone insurance cover, make sure that the policy you have chosen covers everything you need. Moreover, a good iPhone insurance cover also offers a money back guarantee to the consumers.

Speak With Your Home Insurance Company

If you have the home insurance, you can definitely take advantage of your home insurance cover. Though, this fact may not be known to everyone but a home insurance policy can protect your iPhone for just a small fee. Unfortunately, you won’t get your iPhone back within 24 hours.

Consult A Bank Executive

Can the bank offer any protection cover for iPhone? Many banks offer “premium account” service to the consumers which also include iPhone insurance cover. But you should remember, none of the banks would offer you a cover of $600 and so you should be better prepared for it.

When you are looking for the best iPhone insurance cover, you may have to consider certain essential aspects. The best way to find the right iPhone insurance cover is by considering your needs in mind so that you can find a policy which meets your needs. Only you can understand whether the policy you have chosen meets all your needs.


As with any iPhone insurance cover, it’s very important to read the terms and conditions properly before signing up. While looking for the best insurance covers, you may find that the benefits offered by different insurance service providers will definitely vary. Therefore, you should take time to compare the different insurance covers to choose the best deal.