The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is above all the machines that you can find in the market. Its stunning thinness along with ultra high speed processer takes it above all the laptops in the market. MacBook is one of the highest resolution note book that display nearly 5 million pixels.

Top Accessories That You Must Buy For MacBook Pro

However, buying the MacBook alone is not a good idea. There are so many accessories of MacBook available in the market that you cannot simply resist. You must buy these accessories for your convenience and ensuring everyday safety of your MacBook. Here are some of the top suggested accessories for your MacBook:

Smart Zipper Cover

Remember your MacBook is very delicate and it requires extra protection, so use a good quality zipper that covers your laptop from all four sides. There are many embellish Zippos that you can find online easily. The price range varies depending on the quality of the cover (e.g. £6-100).


If you frequently travel long distance and have to carry your MacBook all around, than backpack is much convenient option as compared to Smart Zipper Cover. Backpack not only ensures safety of your MacBook but you feel much more comfortable hanging it around your back. Moreover, it looks way more stylish to carry a backpack and you will feel more confident hanging it around.

MacBook Insurance

Apple Mac Insurance is a big investment and you must protect it by availing insurance. Insurance covers your MacBook against financial losses caused by loss, theft, accident, mechanical breakdown etc. The covers against different situations vary, depending upon the policies of insurance companies. The cover ensures that your asset will remain safe against any damage and you will get a replacement or repairmen if something goes wrong.

There are many companies that are providing insurance services for the gadgets and you can visit their websites and compare them before finalizing any one of them. Always check the terms and conditions of your insurance company before finalizing the deal.


A MacBook without a USB can irritate you sometimes. It is always needed to transfer the data and can be your saviour in times of trouble. If you are using your MacBook for office work, or even studying in university, do not forget to buy a USB cable.

Track Guard

Track Guard is pasted on the mouse pad in order to keep its safe and sensitive to touch. Track Guard is much needed thing for your MacBook. It is a small piece of plastic but people underestimate its importance. Without Track Guard, your mouse pad can become dusty and can even lose its sensitivity.

Elevator Stand

Like all the other devices, MacBook also emits heat from the bottom and hence it can get mechanical breakdown if heat is not emitted to the outer space efficiently. Hence, the elevator stand let your MacBook to emit the heat of its processer into the air and hence it remains cool. Another advantage of elevator stand is that it brings your MacBook to a correct eye level, which allows you to work more efficiently.

Portable Hard-Drive

Portable hard drive is a much needed thing especially for office people. Through portable hard drive, you can keep as much data as you want with yourself.


Entertainment is a much needed thing for everyone even when there is a lot of work at the desk. It helps to release the stress of the work and makes your mind fresh. Good speakers for MacBook can prove to be the best entertainment remedy to remove that stress. You can listen to songs in a loud volume and hence all the tension will be released through a heart beating music. The volume of MacBook is not enough to make you feel that what music wants to say you.

Apple Remote

If you love to hear songs on your MacBook while sitting on couch, than Apple remote is a much needed thing. It allows you to forward or rewind the songs at your own will and ease. By just pressing the remote button from one corner of the room, you can control the audio functions of your MacBook. It helps you to play movies and forward rewind them while you sit in relaxing mood.

TV Device for MacBook

It is upon your personal choice if you want to watch T.V on your MacBook. Through TV device (e.g. Pinnacle PCTV HD stick), you can watch hundreds of channels on your MacBook. Hence, you can save some money as you do not need to buy T.V separately. Good thing is that TV device do no harm to your MacBook and you can watch TV for as long time as you want.