Skin care

It is important to protect and handle your skin with care, especially if you want to prevent acne and pimples from bursting out wildly. Moreover, if you develop a routine that you will follow every day, then you will have no problem with handling eventual breakouts, and most importantly your skin will be healthy and thankful.

Skin care does not only mean that you will have to watch what you use for your face, it also means watching what you eat, how much rest you get and making sure that your skin stays hydrated at all times.

Skin cleansing

By cleansing your skin you are making sure that you are removing excess dead skin, oil and dirt. But that is not enough to keep your skin healthy, you also have to moisturize, and as often as possible. Make sure that after using face washes your skin does not become dry or flaky, and if needed use moisturizer.

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Exfoliation and using skin peels accelerates the skin’s natural process of shedding dead skin and speeds up the skin regeneration process as well. It is important that you pay attention to what kind of peels you use, as some might damage your skin.

Furthermore, it is once again very important to use moisturizer after exfoliation as your skin will be in dire need of hydration. And if you are unsure about the type of skin peels you should use, consolidate with a dermatologist beforehand.

Watch what you eat

It is vital to keep a healthy diet in order to maintain a beautiful skin, all kinds of fish, nuts and even broccoli can help skin appear more vibrant and also remove some of the toxins forming under your skin to breakout in acne or pimples. Avoid too fatty or oily food, as it will only help with clogging up your pores in order for new acne to form.

Homemade acne remedy

In addition to acne products, you can always opt for homemade acne remedy. If you want to get rid of those pesky acne on your face, you can also look for a recipe that you can do in the comfort of your own home, without worrying about side effects.

Sometimes using homemade remedies is a lot cheaper than the industrial face cleaners, and in most cases they are more effective too.

Acne Treatment For All Ages

Cinnamon and honey

Although it sounds yummy, but this combination mixed into a paste and. applied as a mask is guaranteed to remove pimples, and it will also help your skin restore its natural radiance. However, make sure to wash your skin thoroughly afterwards, this mask is really sticky

Lemon juice

Perhaps one of the weirder things to put on your face to get rid of pimples, but because lemon juice is rich in citric acid and Vitamin C, and because of its natural acidity, it will help dry the pimples out and get rid of them. Moreover, after applying the juice, rubbing lemon on your face acts as a natural skin whitener.