People might see sandbags on the road and around the neighborhood but often overlook their importance. A wide variety of industries rely on sandbags for important, and sometimes life-saving, purposes. For generations, sandbags have been an affordable and accessible solution for organizations ranging from construction to the military. Consider the many uses of sandbags and why businesses need them.

Businesses The Rely On The Use Of Sandbags


As the name implies, sandbags are flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) that are specially constructed to hold sand. Typically, bulk bags are made to hold such dry, flowing products. Often they can hold thousands of pounds yet the bag itself weighs less than 10 pounds. The construction industry needs sand and these bags ensure there will be enough at the job site. Plus, sandbags can be used to build temporary structures. The bags can be used much like bricks by stacking them.


With temporary building in mind, the military is often on the move and might need to build temporary shelters where no others exist. Sandbags are an ideal solution. The structures are actually sturdy and some builders are actually starting to create more permanent buildings using sandbags. Because sandbags are frequently used by the military, they have also been known to use them for strength training during workouts. Now the fitness industry has also incorporated the use of sandbags into formal strength training routines.

Highway Department

Highway departments around the country are responsible to set up roadblocks when accidents are disasters occur. Often they are called upon if a flood is suspected due to rising waters or excessive rain. Sandbags are often used to establish quick roadblocks. Drivers instantly recognize they will not be able to go down a road that is blocked with sandbags. Flooding can also be held back by using sandbags. They can be found around houses in waterfront communities and hear areas where the water is known to rise and cause flooding. Many of the bulk bags used today by the military and for flooding purposes are made from woven polypropylene to be tougher and water resistant.

Besides these common uses for sandbags, there are other industries that have been known to depend on them. For example, these big bags can be used as a ballast in gas balloons. On some theater sets, sandbags might be used as counterweights. For generations, people have relied on the budget-conscious durability of sandbags and they are sure to be used for many years into the future.