A person traveling on business or pleasure chooses a hotel or a resort for the services it offers. The ambiance and the looks of the place matter a great deal, unless the staff is attentive and helpful, it will be of no use.  Right from the gate of the hotel/resort to the checkout time, the reputation of the place is in the hands of the staff.

One thing that a guest notices immediately is a shabbily dressed staff member.  It is no surprise that the hospitality industry takes utmost care to provide their staffers with uniforms appropriate to their duty.  The uniforms make the workers stand out so the hotel guest may approach them any time for help that they may require.

You may be a business owner of a hospitality unit, may it be a large resort employing hundreds of people, a hotel for itinerant guests, or a restaurant that provides a fine dining experience to its patrons but while looking for a provider of hospitality uniforms you need to keep in mind the following things:-

  • The first is to ensure that the uniform providers are extremely professional in their approach.  They should keep in mind the type of business you run.  If you have a resort that is purely recreational your staff may need a casual outfit.  If you are running an adventure park, the staff needs to be dress accordingly. If it is a spa resort the staff should have a soothing appearance to match the ambiance of the place.  Similarly, if you have a big hotel, then the employees ina professional and smart uniform will surely impress their guests.
  • The uniform providers should be able to design a look that is appropriate to your line of business.  The clothes should fit well and be appropriate to the task the personnel have to perform.  A waiter is likely to need large pockets to stow the pad for noting the orders.  Housekeeping staff need aprons and caps to keep themselves looking neat and keep their hair tucked away so that there are no unsightly accidents. The chef needs a smart uniform that befits his status and gives credence to his appearance.
  • The uniform has to be made of good material, so that the overall look is not cheap.  The fitting of the uniform is also crucial as it contributes to the smart look.  Make sure that the uniform provider is able to cater to your needs.  You will be requiring a constant replenishing of the uniforms as new employees keep joining your organisation, the provider should be able to ensure that the quality of the uniforms does not vary.
  • When you look for a good uniform provider, it would do well to look for one person who is able to outfit the staff completely.  He should not only be able to provide the dresses, but also required accessories like belts, caps, shoes and aprons.  He must be a one stop shop for completely outfitting your staff.  This will ensure that you do not have to go to various providers for various items.