Biotechnology, in a simple term, is described as the technology which is based on biology, i.e., it harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes in order to develop technologies and products that can improve the human lifestyle to a great extent. Biotechnologists work on the research process and produce breakthrough products and technologies in order to cure diseases, production of food and so on. If you have the passion and interest in biology and technology at the same time, and aim to contribute for the positive development of the society, then you can opt for this program. Many reputed institutes in the country like, the biotechnology institutes in MP offer quality education for the aspiring students.

The scope of this branch is very wide, as at present these professionals are required in various fields such as healthcare, agriculture, etc. Some of the job areas of these professions are discussed below that will help you to select the specialization subject as per your interest.

Production of Essential hormones

Nowadays, healthcare industry is dependent on these professionals to a great extent. They work on the production process and analysis of hormones, antibiotics, vitamins, etc. that not only cure various diseases, but also make human lives better.

Production of Vaccines

There are many vaccines that are produced based on the biotechnological principles in order to prevent diseases, especially infectious ones. These professionals make sure that the produced vaccines by the biotechnological methods are completely safe and are produced in large quantity.

Improvement of Crops

Due to huge population growth, the yield food materials are very essential to be enhanced, and it can be done only by using biotechnological methods and hybridization. And so, even in the agricultural industry, these professionals are on high demand. They use their knowledge and skill sets in order to produce high yielding crops.

Improvement of Livestock

At present, due to geographical and climate changes, it is necessary to make genetic modification of the animals to make them disease free so that they can continue to provide us milk and meat in large quantity. Apart from this factor, these professionals also focus on strengthening the immunity systems of the animals and birds.


This industry is all about the production of silk that is done by rearing the silk worms. These professionals work and produce high quality and better yield silk. In addition to that, they try to bring modifications in silk worm strains to achieve more benefits.

Various renowned institutes in the country offer upgraded courses similar to the biotechnology courses in Madhya Pradesh, which are designed with all the essential theoretical and practical aspects. This helps the students to become skilled professionals to meet the present and future demand of the industry, and sketch a successful career graph.