Beyond The Box: Choosing A Stylish Air Conditioning UnitWhen most people think of air conditioning units, what is usually first to come to mind is the typical squared, white box, that is stuck out a window for display. While this does allow some access to fresher air, straight from the outside world, it can invite a number of different annoyances. For one, if the air conditioning unit does not fit completely perfectly to the window frame, then there is the chance of air sneaking out some obvious cracks of space between the frame and the unit. Having these small openings constantly present, throughout the hotter months, tend to invite tiny pests into the home. Insects, such as spiders, beetles, and ants, can have easier access to inside your home. In order to fix these openings, people may resort to using duct tape or other unsightly adhesives and coverings.

So, how do you fix the problem of wanting an air conditioning unit that not only looks good but functions without causing any problems? There are certainly alternative ways to receiving cool air, which include a plethora of choices between aesthetically pleasing cooling devices. Some of these have been around for years, while other have only recently been developed. The latter tend to have a more futuristic appearance to them, or are placed in a very clever location that have not been widely used in the past. At least, not as much as the typical water cooling unit that was mentioned before.

The first of these stylish unit types are those small, vented devices, which are installed in the ceiling. These go by the name of a “ductless split systems” and, most amazingly, are not attached to any type of air duct! They are completely set up on their own, without an obvious source of air flow. They are a quiet and energy efficient alternative to your everyday air cooling device. They can also come in numerous design choices and can be set up in such a way that it really compliments your home.

There are a few different types of ductless split systems, all of which can look excellent when placed in the right place of the right home. The first is called a ceiling mounted built-in, which is exactly how it sounds. It’s meant for any drop-down ceilings and blends in quite well with any interior. The second type is called a ceiling mounted cassette type, which is similar to the built-in, but differs in a few ones. For one, the cassette type has a different appearance to it. It is also installed differently. The third type is one that is connected to air ducts, assuming you have the option of doing so and do not live in a home or apartment that is without air ducts already installed. The fourth and final type is a wall mounted type. This can actually look a lot better in some homes and some would argue that it allows for a more even air flow.