It doesn’t take a genius to see that food shows and superstar chefs have made people more aware of the variety of cuisines and preparations around the world. From traditional French and Italian mainstays to Asian cuisines bursting with new flavors, there is a world of taste out there that people are willing to explore and pay for. Not everybody though can afford to go to the corners of the world to sample recipes in the their native environment.

Fortunately Victoria BC has many tourist attractions, with world-class restaurants to boot. If you’re a local, then you’d know a few foodie friends who will give you the latest on new places to eat at, or once-popular joints to avoid for now. You also might want to look for the best happy hours in Victoria BC.

If you’re new to a place or just visiting, popular review sites may give you an idea of a restaurant’s score, but it would be a mistake to forego a place that serves interesting cuisine just because it has a possibly biased review. Ask the locals, they’d know. A line of people waiting to be seated is also a decent indicator of a restaurant’s acceptance.

In Victoria, the following places have proven to be consistently popular because of their value and commitment to taste and quality. In no particular order, these are:

  • Red Fish Blue Fish – located in Victoria’s inner harbor, this popular restaurant takes advantage of the city’s proximity to the sea to offer the freshest catches and varieties of seafood
  • Il Terrazzo – as its name implies, this Italian restaurant has proven itself over the years as a goto place for more than pasta and pizza
  • 10 Acres Bistro – this restaurant’s claim to fame are its fresh organic ingredients grown on its own farm, or sourced from farms sharing the same philosophy
  • Nubo Japanese Tapas – Japanese fusion at a price that won’t break you wallet
  • Blue Fox Cafe – this cafe is known for it’s great breakfast fare, but the menu isn’t limited to that

At times, we all want to try out places off the beaten path. Or maybe you can’t take another step without needing to grab a bite. For these occasions, check out the Ultimate Happy Hours website. Going to this site will show you a map of Victoria with dozens of pins for places to eat or drink. Very useful if you’re pressed for time, too hungry to look around on foot, or are just feeling adventurous.


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