Ever notice how most people’s vacation photos look the same? Step off the beaten path and add some personality to your travel by adding some fun vintage elements to your trips.

Choose Your Wheels

If you’re going on a road trip, rather than taking the family station wagon or renting an SUV, rent something with a little more style. This is a great chance to drive that classic car you’ve always coveted without the commitment. For instance, what’s better than driving down the Pacific Coast in a red ‘60s convertible? Nothing, that’s what.

Another fun way to travel is in a vintage-style trailer. While you could rent or buy an authentic trailer made in the ‘50s, you’ll be much more comfortable in a modern trailer that just looks like it was. Either way, you’ll attract lots of attention on the road.

You could also choose to travel by train, evoking the glamour of travel in the early 20th century. Even though the trains are higher tech now and full of modern amenities, there’s still something charmingly retro about rail travel. Fans of vintage architecture will also appreciate that many train stations in the U.S. and Europe are 100 years old or more.

Delight in the Details

While you’re on the road, search out funky old attractions to complete the throwback experience. Eat at old-school roadside diners instead of fast food chains. And be sure to stop at any highway attraction involving plaster dinosaurs to max out the kitsch factor.

You can also choose to stay in retro-style hotels that have style to spare but have been updated through the ages for maximum comfort. Because while midcentury modern architecture is fun, a lack of air conditioning or in-room coffee is not.

Another way to infuse your trip with retro style is to go analog with your memory keeping. Instead of texting or emailing people back home, write real postcards and adorn them with cool local stamps. Also take real photographs with film, and make them into a scrapbook when you get home. Just like grandma and grandpa!

You’ll have the best vacation photos for that scrapbook if you dress the part, so shop for great vintage (or vintage-style) clothes before your trip. Modcloth has some super cute options for women, like postwar-inspired swimsuits and sundresses. Men can find classic leisure styles such as Hawaiian print shirts at J Crew—just add a straw fedora.

You only have a couple weeks a year to get away, so don’t settle for a cookie-cutter trip. Squeeze the most fun out of every day with old-school options for transportation, memory-making, and personal style. You’ll remember your vacation for decades to come!