Bosnia is blessed with numerous peaks averaging over the millennium height mark (meters) thanks to the Diarnic Alps that extends into the country giving it its much sought after contours. Consequently, there are all sorts of resorts nearby where tourists can put snowboard or skies to piste and explore the joys of the land. In line with this, today we shall take a look at the crème de la crème of skiing destinations in Bosnia.


1) Jahorina

Seated upon the second highest mountain in the Diarnic ranges, Jahorina is known for the 1984 winter Olympics where it hosted the women’s alpine events. The resort is not too big but it is imbued with excellent spots for snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding. Accommodation shouldn’t be a problem as you’ll have plenty of options from resorts to log cabins.

2) Vlasic

Skiing is not all that Vlasic has to offer as the area also boasts other winter activities such as hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing not to mention an active nightlife great for those who come alive when the sun goes down. While ski lifts are few and far between and information rather scarce, Vlasic more than makes up for its shortcomings with its off-piste delights that are a slice out of heavenly grounds. Further, the availability of night skiing on Saturdays, Fridays and Wednesdays make this gem in Central Bosnia quite appealing.

3) Kupres

Kupres also boasts a night package like its predecessor but is more active in comparison as it features four runs on slopes spanning 13 kilometers. The landscape is great for intermediates and beginners and is usually frequented by Bosnians from Herzegovina and Croatians from Dalmatia. The nightlife in the area and the recreational adventure are also aspects to look forward to.

4) Rostovo

Rostovo is an excellent training ground for beginners as the smooth slopes form the perfect teacher. They span 4 kilometers in total length and a comfortable height not exceeding 200 meters which is ideal for those honing their skills. Rostovo can be an unappealing place to advanced skiers and the low altitude can make snow patterns unpredictable particularly at the end of winter and in late autumn.

5) Bjelasnica (Babin do)

Last but certainly not least is central Bosnia’s largest ski resort Bjelasnica. From beginners to seasoned professionals, the 14-kilometer terrain encompassing more than eight slopes and plenty of valley runs is fit for all levels of skiing. For pros, the 800-meter peaks are an excellent challenge to conquer if you love the chance to get your adrenaline pumping.

Babin do, on the other hand, is home to a baby ski park where children can also join in on the fun under the tutelage of trained instructors. The area’s ability to cater for the skiing needs of all no matter the age group or level of expertise makes it the perfect skiing destination for families in all of Bosnia.

Most of these places are open from 9:00 am through to 4.00 pm but the schedules could be a bit different on the weekends. It’s best to find out more from websites of the destinations of your choosing so that you can make appropriate arrangements.