So, your friends are talking about going on a vacation together in an exotic country; the price is right, you have an ample amount of vacation days and there’s nothing else holding you back. That is, except for your crippling fear of flying on an airplane. The fear of flying is one of the most common fears that people experience, and you most certainly are not alone if you count yourself among the millions of people who experience fear and anxiety toward flying. Lucky for you, there are many ways to overcome this fear. Here are a few:

Knowing What Sets You Off

Everyone who is afraid of flying is unique in that each person has something different that sets off the fear. For some people, the trigger could be the sound of the engine starting up. For others, it could be the door closing on the plane. Understanding what sets you off personally will allow you to begin to take control of your fear and work through whatever it is that triggers your anxiety.

A vast majority of the people who fear flying are afraid that they will be overwhelmed with anxiety at some point during their flight. Even if they were ok with flying when they were younger, many people find that they suddenly begin to fear flying between the ages of 17 and 34. This is usually due to some major life change like a birth, death, marriage or graduation.

Aviatophobia: How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

What Successful Treatment Looks Like

The biggest problem people run into when they are afraid of flying is that they tend to avoid flights since the fear is so extreme. Avoidance only serves to perpetuate and intensify the fear of flying, so exposure to the fear is an important first step in moving past the obstacle.

One of the newer ways that people are working through this fear is by undergoing cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps people to understand their triggers and how to manage the feelings associated with these triggers.

It can also be helpful for you to simply educate yourself about how a plane works: how it flies, turbulence and the meanings of various sounds and bumps that occur throughout a normal flight. This will serve to ease your fear since you will know exactly the way a plane is supposed to work, and you will no longer lose control after hearing a noise.

Air Charters

Another way that people can overcome their fear of flying that many people do not know about is to fly on a charter flight instead of a regular flight. According to Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., one of the main factors that contributes to a fear of flying is the long wait that many people experience on large commercial flights. This gives you too much time think and contemplate everything that could go wrong. Charter flights are much more personal and expedite the flight process so that you don’t have to experience long, anxious waits.

Once you overcome the fear of flying, the world is yours for the taking.