How music affects productivity has been widely studied. Since the introduction of iTunes and other information technology for listening, some workers claim that music assists them in completion of tasks, more expediently and with increased creativity on the job. Many workers now host their favorite playlists on their desktop at work. Many workers now couple their day to day tasks with headphones and a music selection of their choice.

Science acknowledges that the deep power of music seduces the element of your brain known as the nucleus accumbens. When this segment of the brain triggers the release of the dopamine, pleasure is immediately induced. Neurons firing in the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) of the brain establish good feelings, and the desire for more.

Humans are set up to produce more with music. Cognitive recognition of pleasure promotes a positive orientation toward tasks. If musical evolution is the source of productive ‘feelings’, then the material factors of success should follow. Impacting the minds of workers with creative passion, can be furthered with synchronous musical induction. The competitive advantage offered in music as a workplace tool, is evident in studies conducted on the correlation of music to workflow.

A Day Without Music

In studies on music in the workplace, workers often indicate that music is part of their entire daily lives. From the moment they awake to a radio station alarm, and commute to work listening to the morning show in their car, the transition to the workplace is just one of many musical experiences in a day. Asked if they can remember a day without music, and most Americans will offer that music is part of almost every interaction, and this includes home, transportation, work and entertainment.

More and more students now study accompanied by different musical sounds. Websites like 8tracks and Pandora offer tags like: study, instrumental, musical score, etc. to aid students in finding their perfect study playlist that won’t distract from concentration.

The fact is that music boosts performance and creates an emotive environment fit for human beings. The most conservative companies have long used elevator music to relax employees and visitors. Although the verdict is still out on genre, the nearly universal belief that music heightens productivity is reason to consider the potential for your own environment. Four sure bets for stimulating a good vibe:

Classical for improved concentration; Rock to release tension; Jazz for inspiration and uplift; New Age to relax the mind.

Workplace Sound

Music impacts an otherwise mundane setting in a positive manner. Many companies play elevator music with no words. There is merit to elevator music, some argue, due to the fact that words may subtract from productivity. Some critics suggest that workers too often associate musical lyrics with themes in their own lives.

Activate the center of the brain with lyric-less music for complete benefit of music enrichment. Some organizations opt for environmental noise mixed with New Age music. For those selecting vocals, there are a great number of speeds, tempos and genres suitable for group listening pleasure.

Music adds value to each interaction, so that workflow may be increased depending on the type of music listened to. Laboratory investigation of classical music suggests that there is some proof that instrumental music improves outcomes more than other categories. Work in an environment where music is prohibited? Take a five minute music break for each hour of work. Fine tune your mind with sound. Music does a workday good.

How Music Improves Task Mastery

There is ample scientific evidence showing that the brain responds to music in a positive and productive manner. For managers, the increase in positive feelings in the atmosphere at work translates into higher proficiency. For students, some background music while studying for a test can drastically improve one’s mood making a tedious task into something more rewarding.

By listening to music you can alter your consciousness. Change your state of mind with the touch of a button. Music tools are the best mood and productivity enhances available. What is more, access to mega libraries of sound on the internet makes the choice in music virtually limitless. Experimental music buffs will love this idea too. Bridge the gap in social and cultural experience with music on the job.

Alex Faubel enjoys writing about topics related to business and technology in career-focused education programs.