If you are interested in building your biceps but don’t have the time to make it to the gym and don’t have any equipment at home, there are a few exercises you can do that will help you build your biceps without using any gym equipment. Some of the best workouts you can do include:

Push Ups

People normally do pushups to build their chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles, but you can make them work your muscles by making a few adjustments. Instead of doing them normally, you should make the descent from the top position slower so you can squeeze your biceps more, you can also use a chair to elevate your feet to make it harder and to work your biceps more.

Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

They are very good exercises to do if you want to build your biceps, all you need is a sturdy bar that you can put between the door of your room, you hold the bar overhand and pull your head up over the bar. Chin-ups are done underhanded, and you also pull your head over the bar. You should keep your hands close to each other to achieve better results. You can also do one handed pull-ups and pull-ups to get better results, but you shouldn’t try them until you have mastered the two handed technique.

Static Holds

This exercise is usually done with the bar that you use for pull-ups and chin-ups, instead of pulling yourself up and going back down when you do pull-ups, you hold yourself up for five seconds when you get your head above the bar, then you start going back down and hold for another five seconds halfway to your starting position before going back to your starting position.


Most people use curl bars and dumbbells to do curls, since you don’t have access to those equipment, you have to improvise. Some thing you can use as a dumbbell is a back pack, you can puts some books or anything with some weight in it and lift it us as you would a dumbbell. It might seem crude, but it does get the job done. You can also use resistance bands to do curls, all you have to do is stand on them and pull the ends with both hands.

Inverted Rows

These can be done by lying on your back and having something you can grab unto to pull yourself up, and then hold yourself in place for a few seconds before going back to the ground. You can use the same bar you use for your pull-ups if it is adjustable, you can also use the overhand or underhand technique to do the exercise. Inverted rows can also be done standing up; you just have to adjust your body to an angle that matches your strength.

These are just a few of the workouts you can do to build your biceps if you don’t have any workout equipment, there are other exercises you can do to improve your biceps and other muscles at home without any equipment.

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