Who doesn’t love to use new technology? Truck drivers aren’t any exception as they also love to leverage the best tech gadgets which can make their lives easier. We all use some sort of gadgets in our life in order to ease off the stress of bigger and tougher tasks and the car drivers and truck drivers too love to use them. But due to their routine life, they often lack enough knowledge on the best gadgets they should use.

While truck drivers are supposed to use onboard truck scales and weighing machines like these in order to maintain the right weight on their truck, there are several other gadgets that the drivers should be carrying with them. If you don’t know about them, here is a list that you should take into account.


A dash cam is one of the biggest assets for the truck drivers no matter where they drive. This camera plays the role of a second pair of eyes as the data can be accessed in order to prove who is faulty in the event of any unfortunate accident. The DriveCam keeps your company and the drivers safe with insights on how you can reduce risk, boost compliance and help the innocent drivers. This even develops productive driving thereby reducing the frequency of collision.


This is a gadget which allows the drivers to perform their self inspection and assessment of brake, tire depth, brake shoe, brake stroke and whether or not there is any damage caused to the windshield. When you use this Pre-trip inspection tool, you can spot all the compliance service items before anyone else. It can even let a driver know when to take the truck for repairs and service. The tool can be hooked to the keychain for better storage. If you still don’t have the inspection tool, get it for the benefits.


Did you know that with the help of the latest technology, navigation just got a little bit easier? Do you use your phone for GPS? If answered yes, you might be looking forward to a place where you could mount the phone so that you don’t have to drive the wheel with one hand. You can get the smartphone mounts which can be attached to the dash and which can let you see your GPS routes with ease.


When you use a tire pressure monitor, you can keep up with the health of the tire. These are hand-held gadgets which will provide you with details on the temperature of the tire and its air pressure. You just have to apply the sensors on the plugs of the tire and insert the monitor within the cigarette lighter. If the screen illuminates, you will get to know that the tire of your vehicle needs immediate attention.

Hence, if you’re a truck driver, you have to ensure taking good care of your truck parts so that you don’t meet with unforeseen accidents. Use the above listed tech gadgets and upgrade your truck.