Given the hustle-bustle of daily life, the rush for work, meeting the deadlines, getting children to school, managing a home and meeting the hundred other challenges that our fast-paced modern life throws at us, it is no wonder that most adults today suffer from stress, hypertension and aching muscles and joints. What’s worse, taking frequent breaks and resting is not an option and one has to look for ways of rejuvenating the body that does not take up too much of one’s time and still washes away the rigors of daily life.

One such method that’s fast gaining popularity is hot stone therapy. Mostly used in combination with other massage techniques, hot stone therapy has its origin traced back to ancient times when it was used by the Chinese, Hawaiians and Native Americansin some form or other. The therapy uses smooth stones, generally basalt or cool marble stones, on energy points of the body along with essential oils. Some therapists also use alternating hot and cold stones for the massage; while the first one relaxes and soothes the nervous system, the other helps in waking t up again gently.

Benefits Of Hot Stone Therapy

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy:

  • Soothing and Relaxing Tired Muscles: Hot stones placed at strategic points or acupressure points of the body permeate heat deep into it, thereby, relaxing strained muscles.
  • Relieves Pain: Hot stone therapy uses water-treated stones and special oils along with steady pressure to transmit heat to muscles, tendons and ligaments and relieve chronic aches. This technique is especially helpful in relieving pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia as well as back pain.Use of alternating hot and cold stones also helps in relieving pain from swelling or inflammation.A regular massage can help you feel energized and healthy enough to take on the world again without feeling the constant, nagging pain.
  • Improving Blood Circulation:Application of oils and pressure along with heated stones on the body releases toxins and improves blood circulation by expanding blood vessels and hence, has a positive overall impact on the body including better cardiac health and improved immunity.
  • Relieves Stress and Promotes Sleep:One of the byproducts of modern living is depression, anxiety and stress that lead to insomnia or poor quality of sleep. This has a further negative impact on physical and mental health of a person. Hot stone therapy relieves stress and promotes a healthier sleep pattern.It helps the person to go into a meditative state thereby soothing the nerves and having a calming effect on one’s mind.

Hot stone therapy is a perfectly safe and effective massage therapy as long as it is performed by an expert masseur or at a spa. Once you are at the spa, enjoy your hot stone therapy in Salt Lake Cityas its biggest benefit is its feel good factor. After all, everyone wants to be pampered and feel cared for every once in a while!