According to different medical surveys, a large percentage of people suffer from gastrointestinal problems. Weak digestive conditions are a major cause of colon disorder and from children to elderly people undergo varied problems caused by digestive track. Needs no mention, if these problems are found persisting, it is always wise to take suggestion of specialist doctors before it appears with severity.

Find Great Solutions To Get Rid Of Colon and Rectal Disorders

Almost every night or after your meal, if your experience chest pain, a burning like feeling in the center point of chest that spreads up to throat line, then it’s a sign of heartburn. Continuity of heartburn can cause tooth erosion, vomiting, pain in the upper portion of abdomen, bad breath while its severity can lead to cardiac attack. Apart from acid reflux and chest pain, gastrointestinal and colic problem can cause:

Gallstones refer to the rock solid deposits forming in the gallbladder. Millions of people across the world experience gallstone problem. Majorly surgery is the only option to get rid of gallstones

Crohn’s Disease is a group of disorderly digestive condition. The disease mainly affects the last part of intestine also called as ileum apart from your digestive tract. A chronic condition of Crohn’s disease is autoimmune disorder that upsets the immune system. Common problems of the ailment include abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, diarrhea, fever and weight loss.

Ulcerative Colitis is another kind of IBD, inflammatory bowel disease which affects not only the digestive system but also the large intestine. This can develop ulcers in colon lining while abdominal cramps, extreme loose motion and blood in the stool are common symptoms.  Whereas medication available over the counter can suppress the irritation for the time being, comprehensive treatment of ulcerative colitis by efficient colon and rectal specialist and surgeon Dr.Lisa Marie Cannon is an ideal solution.

Hemorrhoid is a widespread physical condition that causes bleeding with red blood while bowels move. Hemorrhoids develop blood vessels swelling at the end part of digestive tract. These are very uncomfortable and painful. Major causes leading to hemorrhoid include persisting constipation, straining in course of bowel movements and also diarrhea. Hemorrhoids can be treated or its intensity can be lessened by intake of fiber rich foods, more water drinking and exercises. Though some medicines and creams are available over-the-counter, but they cannot give any long term solution.

The symptoms of anal fissures are more or less similar to the issues found in hemorrhoids. It causes small and oval shaped bulges at the very end of digestive tract known as anus. This also causes bleeding as well as pain as bowel moves. For complete solution you can get in touch with Dr. Lisa Marie Cannon , specialized in colon and rectal surgery. Residing in Chicago, those who suffer from any problem related to colon disorder or painful physical condition like hemorrhoid, fissures can contact the eminent physician for consultancy and management. She is also expert in colon and rectal cancer surgery and management. She is certified by American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery and is licensed by IL and NY States.