The healthcare is one field that requires much more than a degree and adequate skill level, one might suggest. On the surface, it is seen many times as a sector where jobs are plentiful and upward mobility is possible with good work. Peeling back a layer of the reality sees a profession where the top individuals are known for their values, just as much, for their work ethic. In particular, nurses embody this fact more than just about anyone else in the field and though they are seen putting in long hours (and at times, with little pay) – the best nurses can completely turn the caring environment and work place into one that is filled with joy and hope amid the suffering that surrounds everyone on a particular floor. With that said, there are a few characteristics that will aid new students in their endeavors when attempting to learn how to become a skilled nurse.

First, as stated before, nursing is not a field that is as simple as getting a degree and going to work. The top nurses all share compassion as part of their work talents as well. As the in-between between families and the doctor many times, many hours are spent with patients in a very, personal way – therefore, heartfelt compassion can make an ailing patient feel not only important, but also hopeful. Everyday risks such as being exposed to blood and/or airborne illnesses are part of the risks that nurses take when they dive into this profession – yet the most skilled are known best for their personal touch than probably anything specific they can do job-related in terms of tasks.

In addition to compassion, many skilled nurses are self-aware when certain instances come into play. Self-awareness seems like something that would not be at the forefront, but it is the main ingredient to make nurses put their best foot forward. Nurses are human – and in some cases, personal limitations or insecurities may creep up when dealing with emergency situations pertaining to children (for instance) or maybe, senior citizens. Whatever the reason, the ability to acknowledge and make adjustments to this human reaction makes a skilled nurse. What is one person’s weakness, may be another’s strength.

On the technical side, the journey to becoming a skilled nurse also involves constantly being on the lookout for new knowledge one can add to their mind bank. This can come in the form of actual classes, but most often, come in the form of observation of senior nurses in a particular facility and the way that unforeseen circumstances are dealt with in a manageable way. Many hospitals offer their staff perks that include lecturers, classes and journal information on the happenings in the field that are important to helping a skilled nurse keep up to date with the latest practices and techniques in the field.