Lately some of the best shows have been featuring BBQ, and it’s not just shows on the Food Network. BBQ is a hot food item, and even some of your favorite characters from television shows have been eating BBQ frequently.

1. Spongebob

It’s no secret that Spongebob loves his Krabby Patties. Who could be a more famous griller than Spongebob? He is dedicated to his craft and Krabby Patties’ secret sauce more than anyone I know who is dedicated to a secret recipe. I would imagine Spongebob would give up his life for that recipe’s sake. He guards that secret recipe more securely than I imagine Coca Cola guards their recipe.

2. House of Cards

This show is streaming on Netflix. Frank Underwood in the hot new show House of Cards is another television BBQ addict. He spends a lot of time hanging out at Freddy’s BBQ joint during the show and he’s been known to even show up for a plate of Freddy’s ribs as early as seven in the morning. Freddy even opens up his store just for Frank sometimes so Frank can eat ribs whenever he wants. Frank Underwood even uses Freddy’s shop to make secret meetings and he has Freddy cater all his events and dinners with the President of the United States and other important people. Freddy is an essential friend and character to Frank, one of the only people in the world that Frank really cares about — however Frank’s feelings don’t usually get people that far because they are very limited.

3. The Shed

Of course, channels about food are also going to have shows about BBQ. The Shed is a television show all about a Shed in Mississippi where Southerners cook BBQ and have a good time. The characters are just as good as the food in this Food Channel show, and everyone gathers for some great times and even greater BBQ.

4. BBQ Crawl

The Travel Channel also has a BBQ themed show, where people go on road trips to visit some of the best BBQ joints in America. They go to barbeque competitions, joints, restaurants and just crawl the countryside trying every single barbeque joint that they come across. Danielle meets a lot of barbequers across the country and pitmasters, learning everything there is to know about barbeque and tasting some of the best.

5. BBQ Pitmasters

This show is streaming on Netflix for those of you who don’t have cable but still want to get your BBQ television on. This is a reality competition show for avid barbequers. Filmed over a couple of months, this show follows several barbeque competitors as they travel around competing at different barbeque competitions. There are three seasons available for download.

6. Barbecue University with Steven Raichlen

This cooking show on PBS is fun because he barbeques things that shouldn’t be barbequed. This show is not on cable, so it’s good for people who just have local television and who love to barbeque everything in sight.

These are just a few barbeque shows for you barbeque fans to get your fix when you aren’t at the table.

Written by the staff of Lutz’s BBQ, where they serve up tasty BBQ and provide some of the best service for catering Columbia MO has to offer.