Is your bathroom out of date? Perhaps you have some cracked tile, a squeaky faucet, or peeling wallpaper. Many people put off doing a bathroom remodel because they don’t think they cannot afford it. However, there are four key ways that homeowners can keep the costs of remodeling the bathroom down to a minimum. Using these techniques, you can get the bathroom you want without breaking the bank to get it.

Using Recycled Materials

Repainting, changing out hardware, and old fixtures is a great way to help curb some of the costs remodeling. Looking at remodeling stores, furniture stores, consignment shops, designer scratch and dent sales, and other similar outlets. Buying older items and refurbishing them to look like new will still allow you to have shiny new bathroom without having to pay your shiny pennies for it. You can look on YouTube and Pinterest for good ideas of how to refurbish the items you find, in order to get them cleaned, painted and ready to show off in your new bathroom. No one will ever know the difference!

Bathroom Overhaul - How To Stick To Your Budget and Get The Look You Want

Planning for unexpected Expenses

One reason why some people don’t start a home remodel project is because they are worried about the extra costs that might pop up. According to the experts of, who help those in need of a plumber in Tacoma, homeowners should always put aside 30 percent of the estimated budget for emergency and unexpected expenses, even if they are just remodeling the bathroom. Problems will happen with a remodeling job so planning ahead is the optimal solution. Planning for unexpected expenses at the beginning helps homeowners stay on track better when choosing items like paint color, faucet choices, and lighting. Obviously, you want to keep costs low, if they are costs you can control. However, sometimes things are beyond your control and you will need to pay for them if you want the project finished. The last thing you want is a half-finished bathroom in your house because you ran out of money.

Putting in Sweat Equity

Giving the contractor the day off and doing some work will help keep costs way down. Even if you aren’t the most experienced decorator, or aren’t great with tools, there are still things you can do to eliminate the amount of work you are paying for. Painting the bathroom, demolishing the room, or installing a hardwood floor can all save thousands of dollars that can be spent on other items like emergency plumbing calls. Using a contractor to get an estimate is a great way to find out what specific items need completed. It helps to plan ahead to save money on the overall cost of the renovation. Decide on a few parts of the project that you are willing to put time and effort into accomplishing yourself. There’s no need to pay someone for something you can do just as well yourself.

Using Cheaper Alternatives

Another way to get the desired look without the high cost is to opt for options like granite colored laminate, painting custom concrete counters, and choosing a glass chandelier instead of crystal. Using items that look expensive is a great way to lower costs and stick to the overall budget. Buying materials sensibly saves more money in the long run. Once again, most likely, no one will notice! There are plenty of imitation materials these days that are cheaper, but don’t look cheap. Take time to look at all your options before you spring for something expensive—there could be something that looks similar and comes at a much lower price.

If you want the bathroom of your dreams, you don’t have to wait! Using materials that are already in the bathroom helps alleviate some costs. Putting aside an emergency budget is some of the best advice experts have to offer. Doing some of the work instead of hiring a contractor is a great way to curb the remodeling costs. Finally, picking cheaper materials is a great way to keep the costs down. Using the aforementioned key tips is a great way to shave thousands of dollars off of a bathroom overhaul. Not only do the ideas save money, but they also let homeowners spend money on the items that don’t have a substitute by saving money on those that have substitutes. Thinking ahead and planning to do some of the work oneself are the best ways to get the look without going over budget.