Taking the time to find ways to increase the value of your home is essential for any smart home-owner. There are plenty of simple ways to increase the value of your property, and it is crucially important with big ticket items such as a swimming pool, that you manage it so it adds value, rather than becoming a liability if not properly maintained.

Here are five tips that can easily help you add value to your home, but for your swimming pool, it is recommended that you visit http://www.alliancepoolstores.com.au to find your local pool expert and get some professional advice on how to make your pool add value to your property.


Your garden is the first thing that people see when they inspect your home. Regular maintenance is important here, so make sure you water regularly and trim back any trees or creeping vines that could eventually cause damage to your house and necessitate expensive repair work.

Have a chat with the staff at your local nursery to find out which plants are low maintenance, drought tolerant and look beautiful. If you gradually introduce these to your garden in a thought-out manner, over time, your garden will look great and become a real feature of the house, rather than something that has to be tamed.

The Front Door

It is often said that potential home-buyers have made a decision within the first minute of seeing your house. First impressions count and your front door is key to making a good impression. It might seem like a small change but having an attractive, high-quality front door can really improve the look of your whole house and help make that all-important positive first impression.

5 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home


There is nothing worse than a gloomy house, so lighting your house well is very important in adding value to your home. Take a walk around your house and look for areas that seem dark or uninviting. The addition of small LED down-lights can make a huge difference, while adding very little to your electricity bill.

Skylights are another way to bring natural warm light into your house. Check where they would fit most easily to make a real difference to the ambient light in a room. Filling your house with natural light makes it much more appealing and can save you money spent on electric lighting.

Get your Swimming Pool up to Scratch

A well maintained and easy to operate swimming pool is a real boon to the value of your property, and a badly maintained one can be a real liability. It may be time to update your pool equipment with automated, self-cleaning and low-maintenance appliances that can really take the hard work out of owning a pool and make it look fantastic all year round. For a huge range of time saving products that make looking after your pool a breeze, check out pool specialists such as Alliance Pool Stores (http://www.alliancepoolstores.com.au).

Insulation Efficiency

Properly insulating your home can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and save you a fortune in electricity bills. There are several options for insulation, including blown cellulose insulation, fibreglass rolls and expanding polyurethane, and you will probably find a combination of these will suit your various insulation need.

By following these simple tips you can add enormous value to your home and make sure you get an excellent return on your investment when you go to sell.