Who wouldn’t like to lay down on a hammock and do their job from some paradise island? In the usual 9-5 is hard to achieve and 20 holiday days per year plus weekend is not enough for a true traveler. Oftentimes negotiating better work conditions or becoming a freelancer are the only ways to get the necessary freedom and time to enjoy the beauty of the world.

How to make it? Preparation phase is key. That’s when you ditch the employee mindset, take responsibility for your own income, build skills, make decisions, form relationships, create your vision, and more.

3 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Becoming A Freelancer and Travel The World While Working

To make the transition from a worker to a freelancer easier, here are 7 ways to prepare yourself:

1. Network.

Networking is a powerful thing even when you start a convesration with people online. But start with who you already know or have the chance to meet. That could be old colleagues, a client you worked with that enjoyed what you did for them, people you meet at company events.

Sometimes all it takes might be to mention that you’re thinking of becoming self-employed. You might even find your first client right there. Who knows where are you going to find your first job. Maybe the girl you’ve casually met on Tinder will get you your first independent gig? Life surprises us all the time!

Start networking even before you resign from your regular job. The best transition is when it’s made slowly and naturally.

2. Increase your Savings.

Cut unnecessary expenses and stick to a budget. Start this today because you will feel much more confident to quit your job and become a freelancer if you have some money saved.

That will also be good to have in case a big client disappears and you need some time to find new ones. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’re covered for at least half a year in case there’s no big income.

3. Start Building your Personal Brand.

You need to position yourself as a freelancer and that process begins now. Create a website with your name and publish the most important pages. Have profiles on social media and follow influencers in the niche. Read blogs about freelancers and leave comments.

Additionally, start thinking about your portfolio. If you’re a writer, you can simply start publishing pieces of content on a weekly basis. Write what you’d write for a client but have it on your blog. That itself is the best portfolio you can have so it’s worth going the extra mile and making it great.

After making the transition to become a freer person, you will have more time to enjoy your life, travel, meet friends. Is there anything more important than being the master of your own life?

Good luck with your work transition attempts!