With the growing construction industry in Lebanon Architects are in high demand. The problem being that with such a rapid growing industry is to make sure that you have the right representation when it comes to design, planning and completion. It is not only constructing the building or complex but to ensure that the location of the building and the price will make it marketable. Archistyle & Design is one such company that has been established in Beirut for years and with the expertise of Mohamed Hamdoun you are assured to get the best service.

It is no longer as simple as having a classical or modern design because the buying public expect that much more. It is now simply a bad design or a good design. The major challenge being to generate a social interaction in any built environment. Therefore each building needs to have a unique design and identity to suit the clients needs. Mohamed Hamdoun has been in the business for over 20 years and knows exactly what is expected from modern designs.

Apartment buildings such as the East Village have been designed by architects that have experience with the Lebanese architectural culture which Mohamed Hamdoun is very knowledgeable about. He knows how to design using traditional building material which will fit in with the surroundings. It is not only the exterior of the building that needs to be taken into consideration but the interior as well. Mohamed Hamdoun who is married and has 3 children knows what is practical and at the same create a great living space.

If you are in need to build a prestigious tower block in the best location in Beirut then Archistyle & Design are best suited to give the best advice. They have the knowledge and the the experienced staff to design high rise apartments that will create a graceful and tranquil lifestyle. They have the capability to design and consult with the construction of high rise buildings such as the W Towers situated in Beirut’s prestigious Rawche area.

Like the Beirut Gardens Archistyle & Design have the ability, expertise and experience to design buildings which take into consideration seismic requirements and to resist any possible earthquakes. They have been involved with projects such as the Madanati Tower situated in the heart of Beirut.

When you are in Beirut finding the right architect is essential and Mohamed Hamdoun is one that will ensure that you will get the results that you want. With his vast experience in the Middle East and America and the ability to speak both Arabic and English will make your construction project progress with the least amount of hassles. It is not only his great designing ability but the fact that he understands all the requirements of the local Lebanese architectural designs along with any cosmopolitan requirements that a client might require. Whether it be an apartment tower, Commercial building or fantastic looking Mall development Archistyle and Design have the infrastructure to ensure a successful project.