Syncing gigs of data between multiple gadgets would be one of the drowsiest tasks if there were no cloud services. The cloud computing made it simple and easy to organize and personalize the multiple gadgets in our homes for home improvement and other routine entertainment. If you’re about to sync latest movies between your little home cinema and Tablet PCs or need to save your personal videos and home security videos with the same speed so you obviously required a fast and cheap enough cloud service at your doorstep.

Here’s the list of feature enrich top 10 cloud services for home improvement for 2013 that are considered as reliable, cheap and fast though.

Cloud Services

Apple iCloud

It’s not just cloud storage or backup service but a state-of-art home management system where you can stream TV Shows between your personal Apple devices and also offers you to store the music you just purchased from iTunes. Apple gives you free 5GB storage with wireless services too.

You can now backup your mobile devices, synchronization between contacts and get location awareness.


Dropbox was one which added meaning to the home based and personalized cloud computing. With it’s advanced features, Dropbox is not just a browser locked cloud storage service so you are free to synchronize data between your smart TVs, home theaters and Internet radio stations.

Google Drive

The authentic name in personal cloud storage, Google Drive made it possible to get synchronized with your family photos, personal videos, digital security systems and favorite TV shows with the help of minified desktop and mobile applications. A chunk of 15GB free storage made it simply beautiful to store heavy files without any hassle.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive, with a superior name in home based cloud computing offers you automated synchronization between your home and office files so you would not need to copy the school assignments and personal presentations from your desktop PC to tablet, SkyDrive will do it for you!


One of the oldest names in home-based cloud management, MediaFire offers 50GB free storage where you are free to store and share your TV shows, kitchen recipes, utility bill records and grocery orders lists with only few clicks that worth.


With 5GB free storage, SugarSync offers you to sync all your home devices including desktop PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Now, you just need to upload a Facebook image once on SugarSync and you will have it on all connected devices!


SpiderOak, with the exceptional free file encryption service offers you to store 2GB absolutely free. SpiderOak for all operating systems, either you have Linux based PC or need to use it on your handheld Android device.


Box offers you 5GB free storage and easy to install app for your blackberry phones and iOS devices so you can share your files between your all family members wherever you are.


Stream your photos, arrange them in albums, store your favorite TV shows and sync your home PC documents with your mobile device, Amazon offers you chunks of free data storage and hundreds of features since 2002 that others are still not offering.

Ubuntu One

not only for Ubuntu or Linux users but for Windows XP, Mac OS and for many smart phones supporting iOS and Android, Ubuntu One offers you 5GB free storage then cheapest plans for your all personal cloud needs.

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