Gym mats are used for the purpose of the safety in the gymnastics. It helps us to be trained in many skills which are new in the world.


These are in the form of pieces and it is protected in the plastic type material or lining and usually ranges about 1.5 to 28 inch in thickness.The density of these foams is about from a firm type to soft which are very comfortable to be used. There are many mats like that of the landing mats.


They are mostly in the blue color but the other colors can also be used. The variety of mats is used like that of the foam pits mats which are used as the larger mats. The small mats used beam on small scale.The use of mats is most often in the practices and in the competitions both. For some special type of gymnastics the Gym Mats of the type like landing mats are used which are placed at some distance.

Advantages Of Gym Mats

Types of Gym Mats

1. Mats for Exercise:

It is present in different types of shapes, sizes, and colors. It gives different programs for fitness.

2. Foaming Mats:

It is used in art of martial classes. It is helpful in training exercises. It makes training easier and it provides cushioning property. So person may less injure.

3. Beam Balance:

The Beam Pads are the type of the thin mats and these are used in the fastening of the beam of balance. They provide the gymnastics and protection during their training time so that they can have good skills. These mats have the longer space for the landing when apparatus is being used for the purpose of working. These mats can also be made from the mats of the soft type, if we desired or if important for the working.

4. Mats for Gymnastic:

It is one of the most important gymnastic tools of getting the new skills.

They are also of the Blocks type which is firm in nature. These are mostly in the form of the rectangle. These are used for the purpose of the steps as stools by the gymnastics. These are attached with the other blocks with the help of the straps etc.

One more type is Landing Mats are mostly in the form of the thin and they are usually thin in nature. The color of these mats is red or it can be white in color. The use of these mats is mostly for the purpose of exercise on the floor. It also uses the sting in them. These sting mats have many uses for the purpose of training.

Another type of mats is the Crash mats which are very thin. Most of them are the soft. They have very strong skill impact. provides comfort in the area of gym. They provide cushioning action. The type of gym mats depends upon workout. It is easy to make gym mats in home by cutting in appropriate size.