Epoxy flooring has been an option used in home garages, commercial, and industrial settings for a very long time, but current trends have brought epoxy flooring squarely into the realm of home décor and design. Imagine the power to protect floors, create a surface that is exceptionally easy to maintain and nearly unmatched in its durability and strength, and at the same time, completely unique and devastatingly attractive. You’ve just imagined the power and performance of epoxy flooring.

Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring

There are different types of epoxy floor coatings, contrasted by various added compounds, which are blended to suit specific purposes or the design requirements for which they are meant. Epoxy types include clear, flaked, terrazzo, aggregate, graveled, pebbled, self-dispersing, mortar, self-dispersing with quartz sand, antistatic, and self-leveling among others. Additives which induce anti-skid, and anti-slip properties are also commonly utilized.


  • Seamless, modern appearance that can brighten a room and provide a beautiful, flawless surface.
  • Strong, durable substance that is waterproof, resistant to contaminants, chemicals, and stains, and is non-flammable.
  • Color and design options to suit any taste or style. Offered in an array of colors, textures, patterns, and designs. Some graphic design companies will create specific 3D images to be utilized with epoxy coatings and flooring which can add a unique and interesting concept to your home’s interior.
  • Environmentally friendly when waterborne epoxy varieties are used, has Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), and is odorless and non-toxic.
  • Highly resilient: Impact and chip resistant option which excels in performance within high traffic areas.
  • Time saving, low maintenance product. Porous-free material once sealed, which allows the surface to be easily wiped clean. Homeowners can simply wipe-up stains and easily mop surface to attain a brand-new appearance.
  • Ability to be used to create boundary markers where needed.
  • Long-term cost efficiency. Epoxy flooring remains in exceptional condition, alleviating the need to repair or replace it on a periodic basis, such as would be needed for carpet and tile selections. No sanding or refinishing needed as required with hardwoods.
  • Epoxy interior installation is a relatively quick process. Floors must be prepped and primed prior to the epoxy being applied. A curing period then takes place. The floors are relatively dry and can be used in approximately 12 hours, though if convenient, it is better to wait as long as possible. After 24 hours, the actual durability and strength of the product is evident. Full curing takes approximately one week.

While highly regarded for its use in commercial and industry settings, today’s epoxy flooring is a wonderful addition to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, rooms, entry ways, dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and all other areas of the home. This easy-care choice makes for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home that will last. No more worries of water-damaged carpeting, wood, and peeling tiles; choose epoxy flooring for a sleek, flawless look to your home’s interior.