Your workspace can work for your business with the coworking space. Joining a coworking space in Auckland will give you the chance to branch out into the business community through an already established one within the space. One of the main reasons this is possible is because most coworking communities can be best described as enclaves that define their own character while individually professionals support each other.

Auckland, like many other cities in the Asia-Pacific market, has a variety of coworking spaces with various purposes and missions. As the market continues to grow, the city will continue to reinvent the coworking space to include non-profits, larger corporations, and digital nomads. As it stands premium service providers like Servcorp coworking in Auckland, have created spaces that are flexible and versatile enough to meet the demands of your business.

Let’s take a closer look at coworking in Auckland, what’s on offer and how you can get started.

Who Uses Coworking In Auckland?

While traditionally start-ups comprised a good portion of the coworking professionals in Auckland, technology companies, smaller businesses, non-profits, and larger businesses have joined coworking spaces and for a number of reasons. Technology companies find coworking spaces great because they are places where collaboration, and on a minimal level, teamwork produce results. Non-profits and smaller businesses are attracted to the coworking model simply because they can fit out an organisation while providing them with the necessary tools to work and inexpensively. Finally, larger companies want to tap into the ingenuity that comes with creating an environment where professionals can exchange ideas and innovation is encouraged.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Coworking In Auckland?

One of the greatest benefits to working in New Zealand, much less Auckland, is that setting up a business is relatively simple, and there is no capital gains tax, which is always a plus. Another benefit is that government not only supports business venture, but there is also actually funding and grants available for businesses that want to get started in the city.

The city is in the middle of experiencing something of a renaissance in business where there seems to be a lot going on with various organisations creating coworking spaces to promote innovation. One project is in the middle of bringing philanthropists, coworking spaces, academics, and other creators together to create intersections of industry and creativity. Then, there is The Kollective, a non-profit, project designed to centralise non-profits in coworking space designated for the non-profit. Ultimately, if coworking in Auckland, the landscape is rife with opportunity.

How Do I Maximise My Coworking Space In Auckland?

Coworking presents many opportunities to connect with others in the space. For one, the business climate is such that professionals are typically non-confrontational and laid back, which is great for this type of environment. Take advantage of the space by involving yourself in community events, both social and formal networking events.

One of the best ways to maximise the coworking space is to create opportunities to collaborate with other professionals.  Also, be a participant in the space, which can also lend itself to people getting familiar with you and your business. Finally, use the online platform to reach out to, and maybe even create, opportunities to raise your business profile, whether connecting with people in the space or creating a social media site that invites friends from your coworking space to interact with each other online.

Working In Auckland’s Coworking Community

The coworking community in Auckland is a great place to start your business. The location is one of the easiest places for a start-up, the business community is pleasant, and finally, the government supports industry. For your business, there is plenty of opportunity to work, to connect, to collaborate, and to flourish.