Strength training has had the common myth surrounding it that if you want to get shapely, you shouldn’t do it, and that strength training makes you bulky. The truth is, strength training does not only makes you lose weight, but it also benefits you by making your bones stronger, your heart healthier, and boosts your overall mood.

You may already be indulging some other form of physical activity that you are satisfied with. However, trainers argue that when you combine strength training with your current workout may that be Pilates or cardio, your daily exercise routine will leave you less stressed and anxious.

Here are some of the important reasons why you should definitely take advantage of strength training.

1.  It Makes You Stronger than Your Cardio- Only Counterpart

Cardio has its advantages, but strength training should never be overlooked. After all, strength in the muscles is no matter to be forgotten. If your muscles aren’t powerful enough, they are not as healthy as they could be. One of the reasons strength training is often referred to as resistance training is because you tone your muscles by contracting them.

2.  Bone Health

Because of aging, we begin to lose between 3% and 5% of our muscle mass every year. A recent study showed that working out for half an hour twice every week can result in a better structure, improved functional performance, and improve bone density as well. Another significant discovery from this study was that postmenopausal women who possessed less bone mass found that the activity strengthened their body, without showing any signs of adverse effects.

3.  The Weight Does Not Come Back

Cardio exercises only help you shed the weight for the day by boosting the calories that you burn. However, even when you are not burning a lot of calories in a day, strength training helps you achieve that goal. The difference, however, is that strength training increases your resting metabolism, and therefore even when you are not working out, you still burn calories.

Another study revealed that dieters who did strength training at least four times in a week for a year and a half were successful in losing the most fat than people who did cardio.

4.  Your Structure Function

Strength training is the best thing you can do to improve your body mechanics. You are able to benefit from better posture, coordination, and balance. Older people who are at more risk of accidents and falling find that strength training reduces this risk by a staggering 40 percent, according to one study. The study also concluded that it is actually the strength of muscles that keep the body on its feet. The stronger your muscles are, the better your balance is.

5.  Strength Training is Convenient

Unlike other forms of exercise, strength training is one that you can do at home. You do not need too much space to do strength training. The best thing about it is that it is the perfect exercise for busy people since you don’t count the number of hours you kept running or doing a routine, this is because each move counts. For many people, it is their own body weight that creates the work.

Once you try strength training yourself, you will truly understand what the hype is all about. Do not get scared by the word muscle training. Remember, resistance training is the only way your body will not only lose weight but sculpt itself into the most flattering shape you have ever been in.