So I heard about dad blogs and wanted to check it out. Should I be honest and say I had an idea of what I was letting myself in for before I did a search, and I was really sceptical? Yes, I think it is only fair that I tell the truth. I really did not think I was going to enjoy reading a blokes opinion about family life at all. Therefore I should also be honest and say I could not have been more wrong. I was sat here earlier today laughing so hard I dropped my coffee. All over my clean white t-shirt. Why do these things always happen when you are wearing white?

Anyway, I came across several dad blogs that caught my eye for different reasons. Here is just a small sample of those.

dad blog is basically a super-dad. He does everything. He is a writer for several newspapers, he appears on the radio, he has written books, and he sews clothes, makes crafts and takes part in Triathlons. When does this man find time to keep up with the goings on with his kids is beyond me, but he does it! Just thinking about it makes me sleepy. His blog are a mixture of fun posts about his family, serious posts to help raise awareness for a worthy cause and updates on his house renovations. His blog pretty much covers everything about family life, is well written and is fun to read. It is definitely one that I will be following. is another blog worthy of following. A relative new comer, it has the right base to be a really strong blog. The author of this blog leads us down memory lane to a time when he, as a child, enjoyed all things outdoors with his family. Back to present day he is not trying to help his own children to create similar memories by taking them on trips as a family, by going camping and by generally having a good time in the great outdoors. I will be watching this blog closely; I think it might well become one of my favourites.

Another blog that covers the outdoors way of life is He admits that while he once was the outdoors type, this has lapsed since settling down and having a family. The blog has been created as a way to encourage him to get back to that way of life, the camping trips, the fishing all things outdoorsy, with his own family in tow.

Dad blogs offer a new way to look at the life I lead; this is what I found anyway. While I was sure I knew what was going on in my husband’s head, maybe isn’t really that complicated at all. Dads are funny, brave and sensitive, yes really they are…… just check out a few of their blogs, you will see too.