According to the an hour ago, the Geneva II conference is going to be held in the month of January 22, 2014 as declared by the UN Secretary General-Ban Ki- Moon today. The conference is going to be held on Syria and the name is given as GenevaII.

It is expected that it will be first time in this conference that the Syrian Government and the opposition to the negotiating party will come together face to face regarding the issues of Syrian conflict.

Geneva II

Initiation of the conference

The Syrian conflict was supposed to be ended in May 2012 by the US and the Russia and later on conferences were held in June and November. Some principles and guidelines were set up and are expected to be fulfilled in the next one.

Participating states

The states who have worked hard to make the conference effective are the Russia, the United States, other member states and UN Arab League. The secretary of UN has appreciated their contribution and hard work.

Goal of the conference Geneva II

Objective of the conference is to fully implement the issues of Geneva Communiqué that was held on June 30, 2012. The issue was regarding the settlement and establishment of a transitional governing body in such a place which was simply torn out in war. It is expected that the results of the conference will definitely bring some peace in the country and will also fulfill aspirations of all the Syrian people and this way they can lead a life full of freedom, dignity, safety and protection. People of Syria are quiet hopeful with the declaration of the date of conference and are also expecting some positive results.

Syrian Conflict

Syrian conflict is two year old and the talks related to peace are long delayed now. Effects of Syrian War are as follows:

• The war have resulted in death of more than 100000 people
• Almost 9 million people were homeless.
• Countless people were missing and detained.
• Unacceptable burdens on Syrian neighbors.

The UN secretary Ban concluded that “The conflict in Syria has raged for too long. It would be unforgivable not to seize this opportunity to bring an end to the suffering and destruction it has caused,” So this is high time when the Syrian Government and the negotiating party must reach some relieving conclusions for the benefit of the Syrian people.