A lot of new parents are unaware of when to take their newborn for a dental check-up, if at all. The usual belief is that the child is still too young to have dental problems. Well, that’s not the case. Many children develop cavities by the age of two as the parents are unaware of the oral hygiene routine, fluoride needs and relationship of diet with dental health of the child. According to American Dental Association, a child’s first visit to the dentist should ideally take place within six months of the first tooth coming out, but no later than the child’s first birthday.

How to find a Good Dentist for your Child

You may want to look for a pediatric dentist for your child’s first dental visit; however, even a regular dentist should be able to address all the needs of your little one. The advantage of going to a pediatric dentist though is the fact that his/her office is likely to have a child-friendly ambience with some toys or kiddy books around to keep the child engaged while waiting for his turn. Moreover, having done specialized training in pediatric dentistry, the dentist is already mentally prepared to deal with the child’s wriggling and hollering during examination. Also, with other kids around, the child would not feel intimidated by his surroundings.

One of the good ways to decide on a Holladay Dentistfor your child is to ask your family dentist or child’s pediatrician to recommend one or check with friends and family members for recommendations.

Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

Preparing the Child for the First Visit

As your child’s first is happening when he does not yet know who or what to be scared of at a dentist’s, it really should not be treated as any special visit. Try to keep it as normal as possible and think of it as a friendly interaction between the child and his dentist. Take your appointment for an hour when your child is well rested and not cranky. Try not to be anxious yourself and even if you are, don’t show it or you will pass it on to your child as well!

What to expect at the Dentist’s

During your child’s first visit to the dentist, you can expect the dentist to engage in some friendly greeting and “getting to know each other” session with the child followed by examining the child’s teeth and gums gently by making him sit on your lap. The dentists would look for any signs of decay and any requirement for cleaning or fluoride treatment. He will also discuss the kind of habits you should instill in the child to ensure oral-hygiene and answer any questions that you might have about teething and its impact on a toddler’s behavior, issues like thumb sucking, etc.

Making the Next Appointment

Before you leave the dentist’s office, it’s better to schedule your child’s next appointment with him. It’s preferable to take the child for a visit to the dentist every six months unless there are any emergencies.