Liver transplantation is one of the most critical operations and could be quite a pain-causing for the person who has just undergone it. If you are a caretaker it would prove quite difficult for you to watch your beloved people suffering from extreme pain and the after operation trauma. For you, it becomes a quite sensitive reasonableness to be able to take care of the victim who underwent this kind of surgical procedure. However the medical advisory would be quite exhaustive in terms of care of the patient; still, we are presenting some important postulates you must refer to so that you may help the patient while he is undergoing any trouble after liver transplantation operation.

A Definite Guide Of Helping Your Loved Ones Recovering From Liver Transplant

Although it happens that the discharge of patient is done within 10 to 15 days after undergoing transplantation surgery of liver howsoever for the complete recovery to happen of the body; it might require more than a few months.

Therefore it is quite necessary that a network of supportive people is available with the patient all throughout that phase of recovery after the performance of liver transplant surgery gets over him.

These are the few postulates which you must take care of if you happen to be a caretaker of a patient of liver who has just underwent liver transplantation surgery.

Just after the occurrence of liver transplant surgery, the patient has to remain in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital for few more days where the nurses would be taking care of him.

Painkiller medications are provided to the patients so that the associated pain mitigating from the surgery calms down. A ventilator machine is provided so that it may assist the patient in the process of breathing. Nutrient carrying tubes are inserted through the stomach of the patient so that providence of nutritious fluid could be done. Not just this but the catheters are also fixated so that excretory action could be performed.

After the Intensive Care of a few days, your patient is shifted to the general care unit and is supposed to be there for about 14 or 15 days before getting discharged fully from the hospital. A complete cycle of recovery might take around more than hundred days or a year which shall depend upon the health status of the patient.

What is to be done to be able to perform the role of caretaker?

 The patient is required to be taken to the hospital or the stipulated medical practitioner for regular follow up visit at least one time in a week. After the passage of a few more days, accordingly, the frequency of the visit would be in the direction of decrement. While on the visit a doctor is supposed to monitor the percentage of success of the liver transplant surgery.