Brain exercise is an effective way of staying sharp and having a good memory throughout even in old age therefore just like working out the body, exercising the brain is equally important. Whenever one engages in mental exercise, the brain creates nerve pathways that enhances and expands the mental ability in terms of memory and sharpness. There are many ways to effectively exercise the brain and some of them are done purposely to benefit both the body and the brain. Apart from exercise, there are also nutritional supplements that improve brain activity and are most effective when one is engaged in a mental exercise program.

Cracking crosswords and puzzles on daily basis is one of the most effective ways of exercising the brain to stay sharp and maintain good memory. However, it is recommended to engage in challenging crosswords and puzzles as one advance to higher levels in order for the brain to create more neural pathways that will in turn improve mental problem solving skills.

Reading books such as novels increases the imagination capacity of the brain hence proves to be a proper way to exercise mentally. Captivating reading content that is very engaging and challenging to understand helps the brain to build up more neurons which will eventually smarten the brain. Writing content such as stories, research articles and poems also exercises the brain whereby it increases the thinking ability significantly.

Brain Health Alert: Exercises For The Brain

The human brain is usually more dominant on one side than the other; either on the left or on the right side hence the distinguishing of right-handed and left-handed people. If for instance one practices to use the left hand more often whereas he/she is right handed then coordination between both hemispheres of the brain will be balanced which in turn will improve mental fitness and body balance. Engaging in physical activity such as writing, brushing and eating using the weaker right or left hand is a very efficient way of brain exercise.

Playing video games that engages the player in challenging puzzling tasks that requires creative thinking can improve problem solving skills and develops fast thinking. Trying out new hobbies such as playing the guitar or piano will exercise the brain and open up neurons that will improve creativity. Another effective way of building up mental activity is mastering a new language which will enable the brain to open up a new pathway of storing information thus improving memory.

Exercise such as jogging that may seem beneficial to the heart has been proved to also help the brain stay fit. The basis of the research is that when one engages in aerobics activity that pumps the blood in the body, the circulating blood eventually ends up in the brain where it increases the oxygen capacity. As a result, the brain cells are well oxygenated therefore increasing brain activity. Other effective ways of exercising the brain include; memorizing reading content, mastering phone numbers and not using a calculator to add, subtract, divide or multiply numbers.

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