When people want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, what can they do? In warmer months, they head to foreign and domestic beaches. Or, they go hiking in the countryside. In colder months, they might retreat to more temperate climes further south, or head to the slopes to let a bit of skiing thrill and chill them. At any time of year, they might skip the trip out of town and have a “staycation” in an expensive hotel to treat themselves. There is something to be said for putting your feet up in a five-star hotel in the city centre for a day or two, but nothing beats truly getting away.

Consider a Chalet

One unique getaway you might not think is available year-round is a stay at a luxury chalet in France. People get the impression that you can or should stay at a chalet only in the cold of winter, with a fire crackling in the background. The truth is, you can stay at a luxury chalet any time of year. Each season has its advantages. During winter, a holiday at good place could be just what you need to recharge amongst the serene beauty of the snow-covered French Alps. In spring, summer and autumn, the alpine views are no less stunning, and you can enjoy fresh air and chalet comfort.

Learn How to Ski

You don’t have to ski to be able to enjoy a winter weekend in the French Alps. A stay in a chalet can introduce you to a whole new world of understated pleasure. Whatever you need is at your beck and call, courtesy of the staff. You don’t even need to leave the premises. However, if you feel you’re going to be missing out, you’re in luck. Private ski and snowboard instruction is available if you want it, and so you could soon be joining your family members or friends on the slopes. You should book these lessons before you arrive, as these private instruction sessions are very popular.

In the warmer months, the Three Valleys area in which many chalets are situated provides ample opportunities for exploration and outdoor activity. You can wander the village of Meribel or discover the serene calm of wooded areas. The weather can be quite nice in warmer months, so if you’re allergic to cold weather that might be the best time for you to go.

Take the Whole Family

If you’re worried about the chalet experience being suitable only for adults, you needn’t worry about that. Families make up a significant portion of Alpine Infusion clientele, and children are most welcome. The chalets come equipped with children’s beds, cutlery and DVDs. Children can have their own tea times and ski instruction and nannies can also be hired to watch over the younger ones when parents wish to head out on their own in the evening.

Don’t waste time contemplating possibilities. Take action now to see how a chalet stay can reinvigorate you and your family all year long!