Costa Rica is a country which leads the world in its care for the environment. It’s why many tourists decide to visit this country. Mal Pais, Montezuma, and Santa Teresa are three areas where thousands of people visit each year. You can choose to stay in a Costa Rica eco lodge to really help the environment, or you can stay at one of the many yoga retreats throughout the country.

There’s something for everyone in this country. Why not consider attending a Costa Rica surf camp and enjoy one of the country’s favourite sports?

Regardless of what you intend to do, here are eight exciting and exquisite green activities in Costa Rica.

1. Hiking

The country is a hiker’s paradise. You can experience terrain ranging from mountain crags, forest floors, and blistering beach sands. A lot of the country still doesn’t have any proper roads, so you might find yourself hiking anyway.

On a side note, there are holidays where you can hike from one end of the country to another and stay with local communities on the way.

2. Whitewater Rafting

Costa Rica has a rainy season each year. When you consider it’s an area with mountains up to 13,000 feet with only 50 miles of width the waters are powerful. Take a tour and you can also find out about many of the Indian reservations.

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3. Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaks take you through areas of mangrove and across some of the ocean. It’s very low-impact on the environment. Unlike rafting, you need a minimal amount of experience to pilot one of these vessels. Try and spot some of the spider monkeys in the forest canopies as you ride!

4. Bird Watching

Costa Rica has a reputation for its colourful birds. Large swathes of forest have been declared a national park to protect these majestic creatures. You can see everything from macaws to quetzal. Moreover, you can partake in bird watching during many of these other activities.

5. Rappelling and Canyoneering

Riding up and down a waterfall or a huge canyon is an adrenaline rush like no other. For such a small country it has so much topography. Most people stay in a Costa Rica eco lodge so they can easily get access to professionals who intimately know the landscape and the safest places to do it.

6. Night Hiking

Night hiking is an activity growing in popularity. It’s a chance to see many nocturnal animals. There’s a risk of encountering a poisonous snake or large cat, so never attempt this on your own. Always enlist the help of a guide. Most national parks have regular night hiking parties.

7. Medicinal Plant Tours

Sustainable travel and eco-tourism is about continuity. It’s about repeating what you know for the benefits of future generations. Enjoy a medicinal plant tour and learn where many of the most common herbal medicines come from. Local guides share their knowledge and earn a small wage, whilst you get to learn something you hadn’t before.

8. Surfing

You’re hard pressed to find a better base than a Costa Rica surf camp. The waters in Montezuma just on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula are perfect for this. You can choose surfing hotspots with fully developed communities or isolated stretches of water where you have the full beach to yourself.

And you can do all this just by using what nature has to offer!

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