Haggling is something that has been implemented for millennia during trade. Overall, the transaction can be sealed only if the seller and buyer agree on specific price. The main obstacle is because buyers want to get the best deal at the lowest price, while sellers seek to offer their products the highest price. Here are things we should do when we haggle at foreign countries:

1. Thing before we Plan to Purchase something

We should be aware whether our decision to purchase something is sensible. We should be aware that we will need to carry the item for the remainder of our journey. The cost of shipping the item by air or sea is generally expensive and it will negate any saving we obtain through haggling.

2. Know what we want to Buy

We should know what the product is and ca gauge its proper price. We should approach sellers with a clear idea on the value of the item. If the product seems to be offered at very low price, we could consider whether it is not a good quality item\

3. Choose the right Location

Often, big touristy market has more than a few tourist traps in it. This could cause us to struggle ti find a nice deal. Sellers know that tourists seek to spend the money and they take advantage of this fact. Alternatively, we should purchase things in less touristy areas where sellers don’t typically offer their products to tourists.

4. Always be confident

We should appear very confident when haggling and experience sellers could tell when we are quite nervous and unsure. In this case, they may try to rip us off and try to take advantage whenever possible. By being confident, sellers would expect that we would walk away when we are unhappy with their offers. This will encourage them to sell at lower prices.

5. Try to Bundle our Purchase

If we are stuck at the price of one item and both sides won’t budge; it is a good idea to try to bundle the purchase. We could ask to purchase another item with one price for two items. Sellers could find it acceptable if we agree to purchase to buy more of their products. We could always walk away if the seller won’t agree with our offers.

6. Be Humorous

We should be able to keep our sense of humor, while being prepared to banter. In touristy areas, merchants love to haggle and try to grab as much as profit. We should be able to strike a nice deal if we are friendly enough and have a good sense of humor.

7. Ask the most Attractive Girl to do the talking

If all the above tactics don’t seem to provide satisfactory result, we may need to ask the prettiest girl in the group to negotiate. Many male merchants tend to be more agreeable when they talk with pretty girls, this should be very easy to understand. Although this may sound like a cheap shot, it is still worth a go.