Droopy eyes do not make us productive workers. Most of us struggle to get up in the morning or to find that extra dose of energy to make it through our busy day. But what if there was a more feasible, natural solution that didn’t involve the known downsides of drinking energy beverages, soda or coffee? Moringa powder could be the solution that you’ve been seeking. Here are seven reasons why.

Loaded with Nutrients

What’s the number one reason why you eat breakfast in the morning? Because your body requires the fuel it will need to process energy for you throughout the day. While breakfast certainly is important – for those of us who actually have time to consume it – moringa capsules also loaded with over 96 nutrients that provide all-day energy. In fact, there is so much nutrition in moringa that scientists have proclaimed it has the power to end world hunger due to its low cost to produce and rapid growth and harvest rate.

Packed with Antioxidants

One thing that you will notice that is contained in many energy drinks/supplements are antioxidants. These help your body in a number of different ways. And they also help you retain energy and vigor throughout the day, too. Antioxidants help your body replenish and process lost nutrients while enabling it to better purge the toxins. It’s a simple way to stay electrified without feeling wired, because it’s natural. Well guess what? Moringa contains over 40 antioxidants, more than you will find in any other food.

Energy Boosting Natural Elements

Moringa is so potent in fact that even the famous Dr. Oz has talked about how it can be used as a supplement for coffee or harmful energy drinks. He actually listed moringa on his show as one of the five natural things that you can use to revitalize your day. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Proper, unabated delivery of the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body requires are the keys to all-day energy.

 No Crash – Sugar Free

The one fallback to the cup of coffee, cup of tea or the energy drink or soda is this: the dreaded crash. One moment you are filled with energy. The next, you are slumping in your chair for the remainder of the day. But with natural energy from moringa, you do not experience a crash. What’s more, intake can be spaced throughout the day to help you stay alert and focused until bedtime.

 Not Harmful To Your Health

We all know that certain things are just terrible for our health and wellbeing. It’s been long documented that soda is just horrible for you. It causes internal damage, gum and tooth damage, increased heart rate, skin issues and more. One glass of Coke can strip a rusty nail of rust in just 24 hours, telling of how bad this stuff is in our body. Coffee is also acidic and wears down tooth enamel while creating a temporary caffeine high that wears off when we crash. And energy drinks have been linked to a dozen deaths from high heart rate over the past five years, and also contains many of the same harmful elements found in the leading soda brands. Moringa does not cause any of these side effects; it just provides all-day energy.

 No Rapid Heart Rate

Have you ever gotten the jitters after drinking a few cups of coffee or after sucking down a soda or an energy drink? This is caused by the immediate bodily reaction to an overdose of sugar, acids and caffeine – along with other sweeteners like fructose and high fructose corn syrup. Studies are ongoing, but have found a links to heart disease and other heart issues. That aside, feeling jittery and wired just to remain alert and awake is not conducive to you being healthy or accomplished at work. With moringa, there are none of these common side effects. Just a healthy, natural alertness.

One-Tenth The Cost of Energy Drinks/Coffee

One last thing to consider is the cost of energy drinks, coffee and soda. The price spans between $1.50-$7 per serving. Add that up over the course of a month and you can easily find yourself spending $50 or more per month just to stay awake. Moringa capsules run about $25 per month – half the price for double the energy and no negative side effects.