What are generic products? These are cloned copies of named brand products but are available to consumers at very low costs. Classic examples of generic products that consumers appreciate are medicines, particularly over the counter drugs, and generic printer consumables especially ink and toner cartridges. 

Why are generic products popular? The main consideration is really the cost. Who would not be enticed to buy generic if the cost hovers from 60% to 90% less compared to name brands? Of course being cheap should not be construed as low quality because government regulations sees to it.   

7 Products That You Should Buy Generic Starting Today

Generic Products that People Should Buy 

#1 Medicines: Generic medicines have made inroads towards the path previously held by brand-name products in the last two decades. The high price of branded medicine is starting to become the focus of attention especially with the cost of healthcare through world remaining prohibitive. Coupled with an awareness that the same medication produced by other pharmaceutical companies cost substantially less but have the same quality.

#2 Bottled Water: Are people still buying bottled water ? Seriously?  Not only are plastic bottled terrible for the environment and a giant waste of money, but there are actually FEWER regulations on bottled water than the the water in this country.

#3 Makeup: Brand-name makeup is something we used to pay top dollar for. But when the wonderful truth was unmasked where most designer makeup styles have drugstore equivalents that work exactly the same and cost a fraction of the price, many made the switch and was utterly satisfied with the results.

#4 Baking Supplies & Spies: The FDA has the same requirements for production, and standards for storage and ingredients across the board. So regardless of flour, sugar or salt brand bought, the same effect can be expected. That is, a cake will taste the same whether using brand name or generic. So why spend the extra cash for a label?

#5 Milk: If wary about buying store-brand milk, consider this: the generic milk in the local grocery store is not just a cheaper option but also more likely to have come from a farm in a local area than the nationally-known name-brand milk. Homegrown produced milk is a good consideration since it supports the local food movement. It also means that significantly less energy went into getting the milk from the cow into the glass and for less cost to boot.

#6 Cereal: Cereal can be expensive when stuck in brand loyalty. So if it feels like spending too much money on a particular morning bowl, try swapping it out for generic next time. If it does not tick, try another until you can find the best and cheaper brand that suits your taste.

#7 Printer supplies: Like medicines, OEM printer consumable supplies are classified as very expensive and beyond the reach of regular users. Inkjet cartridge replacement for instance are sold similar or even dearer than a new inkjet printer. That is why some users prefer to buy a new inkjet printer everytime a personal unit runs out of ink. The same is true with laser printers, the cost to replace cartridges is also prohibitive. No wonder when people check out an ink and toner store online, they usually end up buying generic replacement printer consumables. OEM supplies had become secondary.  

Remember generic products are manufactured as cheaper alternatives to named brands. But before buying into one, check the information on the label to get an idea on what you are paying for.