Bed bugs are extremely small when it comes to size, which makes it easy for them to hide during the day. Bed bugs are commonly found in places with temperate climates. These pests are commonly found in living areas where their host lives. They can be normally seen hiding in gaps and seams of bed mattresses, bed frames, old furniture, headboards, behind loose wallpapers and spaces below baseboards. Having a house filled with clutter can also provide another hiding spots for these pesky bugs.

What Causes Bed Bugs?

Many assume that bed bug infestations are due to clutter and uncleanliness, however, this is not true. Vancouver bed bugs aren’t attracted to decay and filth. They can thrive in any setting, as long as there is food source they can access. Knowing this is very important in inhibiting bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs survive by sucking out blood from their food source. They need blood to proliferate and survive; however, not like mosquitoes, they cannot fly to go to their food source. And not like ticks, they don’t live off on a host. Bed bugs have has another approach in getting their food. So instead they hide near their food source and come out to feed when it is safe.

Initially, it can be very difficult to see bed bugs since they are extremely small and have transparent skins. However, when they reach adult size, you can easily detect these bugs, unless they are living in a messy environment enough to hide them. Bed bugs aren’t lured by clutter, however, clutter will let this bugs go unnoticed for long periods of time. This has provided that idea that bed bugs are attracted to a dirty environment, but dirt and litter don’t cause bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are known to survive and live even in the cleanest environments. But living in clean environments can be hard for the bugs when it comes to hiding.

Travel is the most common and known cause of infestation of bed bugs. These pests are good at getting a lift from travelers or their bags and accidentally transferred to other areas or properties.

How Do They Spread?

Since traveling by hitchhiking is one means of transportation for bed bugs, the influx of these bugs are common in areas that have high turnover rates among humans such as homeless shelters, apartments, dormitories, military barracks, hotels, and motels. In places where people come and go has an increased chance that these people may carry a few bed bugs with them. Generally, property owners of single family houses have low chances of having bed bugs infestation. If you need bed bug control in Vancouver, contact Canada Bed Bug today.