Periodic vaccinations are essential for your pets. There are specific vaccines available for different pets like cats, birds, rabbits, and dogs at various vet clinics of New Braunfels. When you take your pets to the veterinarian, they perform an overall assessment of your pet’s health and suggest vaccination based on it. It is possible that the owners may be reluctant to get their pets vaccinated due to the occurrence of reaction in some pets but it is better to remember that prevention is always better than cure.Let us learn about the seven benefits of getting your pets vaccinated.

1.Mortality rate

Some diseases like distemper disease, are the cause of high mortality rate among pets. The vaccine is relatively effective when administered to puppy over 12 weeks of age and the pet will be safeguarded against the disease for the lifetime.

2.Age consideration

Some diseases affect the health of pets more when the pet is young. They does not have life threatening effect on older pets. It is essential to administer such vaccinations before, at the recommended time to keep your pet healthy. Generally, 12 to 16 weeks of age are most suited for vaccinations.

3.Anecdotal Evidence

Though the controversy over vaccines continues just like in humans, vaccines which have anecdotal evidence of being effective must be administered at the appropriate time.

4.Need for boarding kennels

Pet owners make use of boarding kennels for their pets for the day time care. In these boarding kennels, it is common for bacteria and many microorganisms to spread due to overcrowding. Vaccinating your pet will ensure that your pet doesn’t fall ill due to being kept in boarding kennels.

5.Late manifestation of physical symptoms

Some diseases like Lepto in dogs are well progressed. They affect the internal organs like kidney, liver, spleen and central nervous system. It is advisable to get the vaccination administered at the right time to avoid the complications and suffering of pets.

6.Periodic boosters

Vaccinations must be followed up with booster doses for them to be effective. The boosters are better administered at an early age. For the older animals, annual boosters are necessary.  Re vaccination once in every three years is the rule of thumb for matured animals.

7.Vaccinations to safeguard humans

It is common knowledge that Rabies is life threatening to humans too. Hence, pet owners are susceptible to being affected by some of the diseases that the pets suffer from. It is estimated that approximately 50,000 people all over the world die due to infection from Rabies. The government has made it mandatory for pets to be vaccinated for rabies.

Sometimes it is easier to choose whether to vaccinate or not like in the case of rabies as it is mandatory. But in other cases, it is not so simple as certain vaccines are recommended in particular regions while not used at all in others. Your veterinarian is the best person to decide he/she will conduct overall health checkup and will suggest the specific vaccines that need to be administered to your pet Dog.