Engaging in fieldwork to help with the wildlife conservation efforts in Africa is by no means a walk in the park, however, there are some well-organised intensive wildlife training courses offered by the conversation organisations operating on the continent. One of the best courses is the one offered by Gap Africa, whose seven-week educational and practical program ensures that you, the trainee, emerges from the course more thoroughly equipped to engage in wildlife conservation work. If you have a deep passion for the care of animals, especially those that are on the verge of extinction and want to get involved in conservation work, then nothing will better prepare you than a course that allows you to do work across 7000 hectares of wilderness under the excellent supervision of the most experienced instructors.


‘Reading’ and Anticipating Wild Animals’ Behaviour

Experts in the field, thanks to their years of experience in working with wildlife, tracking game, and treating sick animals, are now equipped with the uncanny ability to actually ‘read’ what a wild animal may do based on their current behaviour. This is important as it allows the field worker to adjust and adopt proactive strategic manoeuvres when engaging with an animal. The seven-week wildlife training course has been created based on the experience of these professionals with the aim of raising awareness of the behaviours of the animals of the wild.

Equipment Proficiency

By nature, man is not equipped with the physical superiority to protect himself against wild animals. An essential part of wildlife training in Africa, therefore, is mastering the handling of appropriate weapons and other equipment needed in the job. Suffice to say that in order to be an effective ranger, you should know how to use the permitted rifles required to manage and control potentially dangerous animals. Let’s face it, these animals may be endangered but that does not mean that they are not deadly and a single mistake could find the field rangers themselves in danger. Therefore, becoming proficient in the use of all of the allowed weapons as part of your conservation work on the continent is a vital part of the seven-week course and one that will keep you safe while dealing with the wild animals.

Gaining Wisdom

While it may seem dubious that you would gain a significant amount of knowledge from only seven weeks of training, becoming wise to the ways of nature is indeed possible within such a time span. This exceptionally extensive wildlife training course covers all the possible bases, and immersing yourself in the affairs of the facility exposes you to experiences that people who merely visit the zoo or gain employment at some veterinary clinic in the city might not be fortunate enough to see. You will learn how every element in nature must stay balanced and how the on-going wildlife conservation campaign fits in the grand scheme of things.