Simply put, your business’s safety comes down to a lot more than locking the door behind you when you leave at night. Unfortunately, accidents/disasters happen, and criminals are crafty individuals that are continually devising new schemes in order to prey on businesses. These are seven ways to keep your business out of harm’s way.

Install Video Surveillance and an Alarm System

A video surveillance and alarm system can go a long way for business security. Not only can these systems often be monitored from remotely anywhere, they can notify authorities as soon as suspicious activity is detected. In many cases, the site of an alarm system is enough to deter a criminal from proceeding any further.

Place Valuables in a Safe

You should never be too comfortable with leaving your valuables behind in your store after you leave at night. Place anything of substantial worth in a quality safe, and only divulge the pass code information to a few trustworthy employees. If possible, avoid sharing the pass code for the safe at all.

7 Basic Ways To Keeping Your Business Safe

Keep Adequate Lighting Around Your Building

Criminals have a hard time not looking suspicious when they’re doing malicious things in well-lit environments. Keep the area surrounding your building well-lit so that others can easily monitor and decipher activity at nighttime.

Use Antivirus Software with Your Computers

When it comes to your business’s safety, trouble can even come in virtual form. Keep your computers updated with quality antivirus software to prevent cyber-attacks that can damage your computer or render your confidential files vulnerable to prying eyes.

Invest in a Quality Fence

Don’t underestimate the importance of a quality iron fence that extends around the perimeter of the property. Iron fences, depending on their builds, can keep criminals from climbing them, and they can even withstand quite a bit of force in the event of a collision (Source: Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc.).

Let Criminals Know You’re Monitoring the Premises

Whether you’re monitoring the property or not, keep signs up in several areas that state that the building is monitored around the clock. Like the sight of surveillance cameras, this can be enough to deter criminals.

Keep Your Safety Equipment Regularly Inspected

Lastly, ensure you’re always prepared for the unknown. Keep your safety equipment, such as fire alarms and extinguishers, regularly inspected and maintained.

As you implement more measures for accident/crime prevention, it’s likely that you will also benefit from lowered insurance premiums. Always remember that your business can never be too safe or secure!