With much time spent on the road, it can be easy for a car to have an issue or two and need mechanical assistance. Most people must have their car towed at one point or another due to issues in the engine or a simple flat tire. Others have their car towed by mistake if their loan is not paid on time. When a tow truck is arriving to pick up your vehicle, there are a few things to do to stay safe and prevent interfering.

1. Stay Out of the Road

According to Mike’s Auto Towing, it is important to keep your car out of the road to prevent an accident and stay safe until the tow truck arrives. Stay on the shoulder of the road and avoid getting out of the vehicle until the truck finds the destination to prevent getting hit by other vehicles.

2. Find a Rental Vehicle

If your car is being towed, it’s likely that you’ll need another form of transportation depending on how long you’ll be without the vehicle. Call the closest car rental company in your area and find a similar vehicle to rent that you feel comfortable driving. In some cases, your car insurance will cover the cost.

5 Things To Do When Your Car Is Being Towed

3. Call Your Insurance Company

If your car is being towed due to an accident that it’s been involved in, it’s important to file a claim with your insurance company and discuss the incident. Avoid admitting fault, but remain honest with the details.

4. Ask for a Ride

If you called the tow truck for assistance, then you may be able to get a ride to the auto shop or to a nearby car rental location. Don’t be afraid to ask to prevent getting stranded.

5. Gather Your Belongings

Once your vehicle is out of your hands and is towed, it can be difficult to retrieve items that are currently in the car. There’s also the risk of a mechanic or the tow truck driver from stealing the belongings when you’re not present. Remove valuables from the backseat or trunk before it leaves your sight to safeguard your items.

Although it can feel overwhelming to deal with your car being towed, there are a number of steps to take to deal with the situation properly and avoid further mishap. By remaining calm and trying to stay in control of the situation, you’ll be able to have peace of mind until your car is returned.