Tickle your photography ambitions in you with the abounding features of Picasa, an image organizer that allows you to edit digital photos and integrate them in a photo sharing site. Today, Picasa is used as a creative tool by millions of people across the world to edit their uploaded photos and share some amazing clicks. In the year 2004, Google acquired Picasa from Lifescape and started offering it to the mass as freeware.

How Picasa Works?

With Picasa you get the ease of editing photos and videos and infuse them with designs that can eventually change the essence of the snaps. Picasa aids to replace the default picture browser. Once Picasa is integrated to your OS, you can open the image in it. Without opening any separate editing program, you can directly edit images in Picasa. Install current version plugin Picasa and enjoy the spectrum of photo editing advantages that the current version brings with it. With the latest version of Picasa, it will automatically update Firefox plugin. Read more as discussed below to know five interesting facts about Picasa and why it is the most used program all over the world.

5 Interesting Facts About Picasa

  • The name ‘Picasa’ holds an interesting fact to it. The name is inspired by the name’ Pablo Picasso’. The beautiful blend of ‘mi casa’ along with ‘pic’ renders a personal touch and feel to the photo program. In Spanish language, ‘mi casa’ signifies ’my house’, thus referring to your well chosen house of pictures for the user.
  • A company named Lifescape Inc., first created the Picasa program back in the year 2002. However, in 2004, Google acquired Picasa and started offering it as a free download. Today, Picasa is available as free download across various platforms on the web.
  • In the year 2006, there was a dramatic discovery when Google acquired Neven Vision, a company that developed an interesting technological feature of face recognition. Indeed, it was a revolutionizing discovery that was incorporated in the 2008 version used in Picasa. Quite commendable, the face recognition feature is able to carefully recognize the faces of the different subjects as they appear in the photos; and eventually group those faces together. No wonder, this was regarded as one of the dramatic improvements that was able to maintain the photos organized and at the same time save ample time for you too.
  • Know this that Picasa web albums store all your images as taken in cloud so that you can procure the preferable ones from thousands of clicks as saved in the cloud. Now, easily sync any picture in your Picasa to the Picasa albums as stored online so as to ensure a permanent and secured backup whenever you need it. Now, suppose you install Picasa in some other computer then you can easily sync that particular computer with your Google’s cloud which will help you fetch those images and download the same to any secondary location.
  • The latest of Picasa, 3.9 released in 2015 supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. The fact is this latest version has Google+ integration for all those users who want to utilize those services. Well, version 3.9 excluded integration with the Picasa Web Albums for all the users of Google+.