Finally! Society has realized the importance of art in our lives. As we shift to an economic apex of the arts and design era which the British Council has appropriately named, The “Creative Industry”, more and more creatively forward ideas have been stealing the spotlight. Out of that huge bundle of creative ideas, we’re going to limit to floors. Isn’t that brilliant? People have now started to become creative inside their own homes. Right now, we’re not only limited to stone tiles, but to avant-garde flooring ideas as well. Here are some from which you can draw inspiration and give your creative juice a boost:

11.       Optical Illusion Floors

I’ve come across the idea of optical illusion floors while reading a blog about graffiti. Ever heard of the Reebok Crossfit 3D optical illusion located at London’s Canary Warf? It was by British artist, Joe Hill. It broke records and drew a lot of “whoa!” comments from people. It was amazing! Now think of bringing this idea inside your house. That’d probably require you being best friends with a cool artist, but anyway this article is just for you to draw inspiration. If you have the right connections though, such as Joe Hill living across your house, you can definitely pull this one! Google some more optical illusions, you’ll definitely have a blast just browsing through what artists have done.

2.       Puzzle Carpets and Floors


In this generation, being unique is a foremost consideration before making any decision. If you’re aiming to be unique with your floors, check out this cool Persian Puzzle Rug by KatrinSonnleitner. They are individual rug textured puzzle pieces which you can “solve” to make a rug. The artist even pushed the envelope further by making these materials from a recyclable mix of natural and synthetic rubber.

3.       Modern Colored Parquet

3The Tham&Videgård Hansson Arkitektehave brought some colorful play to the normal wood parquet. By expanding the color palette of parquet, they were able to come up with a playful design. Check out the photo. Since it is also a by-piece kind of installation, you can play around with patterns.

4.       Mosaic Floors

Mosaic floors have been around for quite some time already, but because the very concept of mosaic design is so flexible, there will always be innovations with design. One common design would be the “mandala” style of patterns, but that’s overused. From what I’ve seen, the trending design styles are mosaic florals that extend from the floors to the wall – these are a bit girly though. But, that’s just what I’ve been frequently seeing. The point is, to move away from the usual bland colors and give the house a wacky splash of colors.

5.       Giant Floor Stickers

You know how everybody’s into huge wall stickers? Well, one girl suddenly thought, “let’s put stickers on the floor too!” Cutting the story short, they made floor stickers. I don’t know if this was a good idea or not, but at least we have good designs on the floor. Because they’re stickers, you basically just create the design on your computer and have it printed out. This would be best if you have a bland cemented floor with just one solid color. If you put stickers on top of quartz tiles, it won’t look too good, cluttered even. So, less is more with this kind of design.

66.       “Your Drawing” On Floors

By covering a floor with white plastic, designer OlleHemmendorff drew over his floors to make a custom design. Bloody brilliant, I’d say! This way, you can really super-customize your design because it’ll be your hands that make them. To seal the design, you can paint polyurethane over it so that you have a gloss finish. That’s a huge canvass you got there!