Today, we’re sharing the four very common methods for carpet cleaning used in big industries for large amount of carpet cleaning task. So, you would know if you’re using the right method or not, when you do it yourself or call a commercial carpet cleaner.

  1. Extraction using hot water: Hot water extraction or the common name, steam water cleaning uses pressurized hot water that instantly puts carpet fibers through whisk movements, The dust and other unwanted particles in the carpet get dissolved. Hot water extraction method or steam carpet cleaning method utilizes a cleaning agent that is applied to the carpet while cleaning, the cleaning agent settles in the carpet for a short period. And after the cleaning of the carpet using a proper cleaning equipment, the cleaning agent is rinsed, leaving no residues, only clean carpet. Finally, the carpet is left in a dry and dark room, big enough to hold the whole carpet, or in a room with air conditioned temperature control.
  1. Shampoo carpet cleaning method: Shampoo carpet cleaning method was quite popular few decades back, even I saw my mother using the same process to clean those old, totally torn carpets of our house. But nowadays, the view is quite rare. We can say that the emerging new methods of carpet cleaning have pressurized the downfall of this old and traditional method. But it’s quite okay, everything happens for a good reason, and I am sure nobody likes the view of their mothers getting compelled due to the utilization of this old method of carpet cleaning. After the introduction of ‘encapsulation’ back in 1970, the dynasty of shampoo carpet cleaning started declining. But what lead to the downfall of this absolute monarchy of shampoo carpet cleaning? The answer is clear as a bell, the method was inconvenient to continue with. And, in contrary, the encapsulation method, due to the technical advancements was much more comfortable and friendly.
  1. Encapsulation: the same method which overruled the popularity of shampoo carpet cleaning method, and rose to fame itself. Encapsulation is better because it doesn’t leave residues after drying as it uses chemical detergents that post-drying, crystallize into powder form, and it becomes easy for you to dry them. The cleaning process is really easy, a synthetic detergent is applied as a base which combines with the loose dust particles and crystallizes later on. This crystallization makes it easy to remove the dust particles using vacuum after the carpet dries. The added advantage of using encapsulation is, it uses less water compared to carpet shampoo cleaning.
  1. Bonnet Cleaning: This is one carpet cleaning method you should use for great results. Bonnet Cleaning is the most effective method for great surface cleaning results, as compared to other cleaning methods. The process involves the use of a heavy duty, dedicated motorised machine which has a spinning pad which has cleaning fibers, pre-immersed in the cleaning solution that absorbs the the dirt from the top part or the surface of your carpet. Later on, you can cleaning the fibers from the spinning pad to remove the dust particles completely. The process is seriously easy, and this process is very common in places with big amount of cleaning work required frequently. Usually the common applications of this method is found in big hotels, schools, and offices.