Did you recognize that even a containerful of ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals may increase your calorie count?

Doctors, for someday currently, have debated on the permissible level of sugar in breakfast cereals, particularly of the colored and sugar-frosted varieties. whereas it’s advisable to visualize the nutrition worth of the breakfast cereal before shopping for it, one ought to conjointly consciously create healthier style selections by having all cereals with fatless or semi-skimmed milk, and avoiding to feature further sugar among others, however if you continue to sort of a little bit of sweetness in your breakfast substitute white sugar with fruits (even dry fruits) like banana, dates, raisins, or any edible fruit. A wholesome breakfast it might play, whereas staving off your urge for noonday snacking. Even those maintaining a effort routine will derive most enjoy this habit, because it conjointly helps them get past their weight loss highland.

Medical doctor and well-being professional, Dr Shikha Sharma helps U.S. list breakfast cereals that square measure healthier than the remainder.

6 Breakfast Cereals Healthier Than Others


Porridge is that the most healthy breakfast plan. it’s made in minerals and has high fibre content that keeps glucose in check. Use slightly jagghery if you would like to sweeten it, otherwise you’ll prime it with contemporary fruits or sprinkle some raisins and almonds.


Abundant in carbohydrates, iron and B {complex|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B|water-soluble vitamin} complex, cornflakes work all right for college youngsters and elders too. it’s a very sensible breakfast within the rainy months as a result of the body starts holding water thanks to high wet within the air.

Wheat flakes

It may be a modification of wheat dish and is a nice modification from run-of-the-mine breakfast cereals. however unless fortified with further metallic element, it’s not a lot of use having simply wheat flakes for breakfast.

6 Breakfast Cereals Healthier Than Others


A bowl of oats within the morning is nice for those suffering high cholesterin and polygenic disease, provided you do not add further sugar thereto. The high fibre content in oats balances the glucose, and relieves individuals vulnerable to depression.


Muesli may be a nice breakfast selection because it has raisins, almonds and 4 completely different grains. The relatively high sugar content in breakfast food keeps growing youngsters and people into sports, energetic. It is served with each milk and food. you’ll creatively garnish the breakfast food and serve it up as a fast evening snack to youngsters.

Poha/rice crispies

The poha version of rice crispies is common in Indian households, and makes for a lightweight and healthy breakfast. however confirm your poha is simply gently cooked.

Aside from the standard cornflakes and oats, there’s a full assortment of chocolate, honey and fruit-flavoured breakfast cereals that realize takers among young youngsters. simply however sensible or dangerous a concept is it?

Avers Dr Sharma, “Although it’s best to travel for natural cereals, it’s alright to interrupt free from the mundane breakfast chart once in an exceedingly whereas. the aim is to dish an honest combine that’s each appealing to the style buds and has organic process price.”