If you are thinking that online marketing campaign is a panacea for all business related issues, you might be wrong. Although the rewards seem to be big, they carry huge risks. Even after spending a lot of money, marketing agencies fail to meet the expectations of the users. In fact, when the business objectives and processes are not aligned, the chances of failure become extremely high.

Redirecting the Traffic to the Home Page

5 Ways Your Online Marketing Campaigns Can Go Wrong

The foremost purpose of directing the traffic to the website is to generate revenues and win customers. The majority of marketing campaigns send clients to the landing page containing relevant information. If the traffic lands on the home page, the conversion rate may suffer as users may not find all the information they are looking for. A landing page is optimized and it is also indexed by the search engine crawler. Moreover, it also includes a button calling for action from the clients. Therefore, make sure that the visitor lands on the desired page instead of about us or home.

The paucity of investment accompanied by lank of vision:

The majority of campaigns are launched on a shoestring budget to assess whether the marketing strategy is effective however the planning can backfire especially when the investment is sparse. Sometimes clients cannot target the niche and the campaign soon runs out of steam. It is to be noted that online marketing ambiance is highly competitive, therefore any delay in investment can you back in terms of business. Generally small organizations regard marketing as an expenditure with quick results but in fact, it is an investment requiring perseverance as well as dedication.

Prior to starting the marketing blitzkrieg, identify the objective in detail. A project without any aim is like a rudderless ship as results are ambiguous and it may not be possible to evaluate the final outcome. The procedure is akin to hit and trial method; therefore client should be very clear about the aim and take steps accordingly. If the search engine professions are unsure about the strategy, the chances of failures are quite high. You can easily circumvent the issue by formulating incremental objectives as the milestone of the project. For instance, if the target of maximum hits is set at 1000 users, it can be easily achieved through familiar strategies.

Miscommunication can upset the Applecart

5 Ways Your Online Marketing Campaigns Can Go Wrong

More often than not, the marketers are unable to comprehend the message of the clients. The situation can arise if both parties are suffering from lack of coordination. In such a case, words used in the marketing campaign slogans might not go down well with the certain section of the audiences and the last thing a company needs is unnecessary controversy. It is also noticed that marketers go overboard with the call to action message and end up being trolled by the users. Therefore, the sales revenues take a hit in spite of hard work on behalf of the vendors. The Golden rule of thumb says that any message to be disseminated should be subtle, easily understood, innovative and not offensive.

Hence, to make the campaign successful, one needs to understand the behavior and culture of the local online market.

There are situations when the requirements of the clients are vague. In other words, they do not have any definite objective in mind. It is a risky game, however, marketing is essential to expand the business. To play safe, one should identify the niche that has to be targeted and if numerous channels are not available, the whole exercise may prove futile. For instance, you can create business profiles on different social media platforms to target various types of users. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are powerful outlets but reliance on the only channel increases the risk of the clients. So, in worse case hedging is the best bet to offset the risk to the investment. By changing the platform, clients can attract new visitors and increase the fan base.

Image Resolution

Online marketing is also a game of perception and it can be played with success only if the images uploaded on the website and the social media are of perfect resolution. Hazy pictures would not capture the imagination of the niche audiences as their attention span is limited. Also, make sure that the color mixing of the images is soothing to the eyes because out of the place theme can send the prospective customer away from the website.

As a word of caution, an affirmation from the client is required before posting the images on the web page. Pictures speak louder than words, therefore do not take chances and get consent in advance. In fact, by trying different image styles, you can find out the exact idea appealing to the prospective customers.

Return on Investment

5 Ways Your Online Marketing Campaigns Can Go Wrong

The majority of companies think by delegating the budget to the marketing campaign, every problem can be fixed. On the contrary, you need to get involved at every stage of the project with the clients. Analysis of every phase in detail could help you to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. In case, something is wrong, the professionals can provide alternative options to the users.

Use tools such as Google analytic to generate a weekly report and gauge at the effectiveness of the online marketing campaign. It is one of the most important tactics to streamline the marketing strategy and ensure that the investment is in safe hands.

In order to optimize the return, do not launch marketing campaigns in a hurry. For instance, targeting a broad section of customers can also attract users from other niches as well. It can be quite expensive especially for the businesses that sell in the local market. Their target audiences are limited to a country or city; hence they not require such a huge investment. Cutting cost, increasing profitability and enhanced customer service are some of the principles that have to be borne in mind before planning out the marketing strategy.

Conclusion: There are many don’ts that one has to follow however even if you adhere to the above-mentioned tips religiously the chances of achieving marketing success might also increase.

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